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    Default question for Randymon

    We booked our March 2012 vacation in March 2011...I notice that the resort credit for $300.00 is no longer an option for CN, only CSS and CTI. Are you still offering the credit at CN for those who booked a year in advance? Thanks for your reply.

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    The 2012 resort credits for CSA and CNG expired on June 30. The credits for CTI and CSS expire tomorrow - September 30.

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    Default ok, now i am confused..

    So, we booked our may 2012 visit to couples Negril in Feb of 2011. We booked as soon as 2012 rates were available. Part of that promo, for travel in 2012, was the $300 resort credit. Will we not be able to use this credit when we arrive? It seems silly to offer a credit for booking travel in 2012, but have it expire in 2011. Or am I not understanding how this works? thanks for your input, randymon.

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    meggy... you are eligible for whatever resort credits were offered at the time you made your reservation. Your May 2012 credits will be there, as long as you booked prior to June 30 (which you did)...


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    I think you're a little confused on how it works. If you booked during the time the promotion was being offered for all resorts, which I believe was thru the end of June 2011, then you have the resort credits to use when you arrive. We booked in June for travel in January 2012 and have the $300 credit at Couples Negril. The resort has a expiration date for offering any specials and as long as you booked during the time it was being offered, then you have the credits. If your unsure, go to the "contact us" link below and call Couples or email them. I've emailed before and got a response within a few hours.
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    meggy43... You have the credits for your trip next year by booking before 3/31/11. We also booked in March 2011 for our trip April 2012 and have the $300 resort credits. Couples just extented the offer for the other 2 resorts. Hope this helps. No Worries.

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    i'll bet you $300 randy didn't understand the question and you have nothing to worry about

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    If you booked CN for 2012 before June 30th 2011 you will get the resort credit of $300. No worries!

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    Meggy43, only the booking window closed so you'll get the credits since you booked while the offer was open.

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    ok. that makes more sense...Thanks for the clarification. I am anxiously awaiting a treehouse massage. Glad I misunderstood, and all is well!!

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