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    Default Night club or dance area at CTI?

    I had a wonderful honeymoon at CTI this last June. We are already booked for next June and will probably be coming home as much as we can afford. One thing I would love to see at CTI is an air conditioned dance club/ night club. We often went to bed early ( not a bad thing) because there was nothing to do after 10pm unless you go into Margarita ville or there is a schedules show. When we did dance infront of the stage it was so hot that we could only last one song. I love to dance and I was excited that there was a martini bar with music on the roof top one evening however, we had reservations at 8 rivers that same evening that we were not going to miss. Finished our dinner and the martini bar with music was over. Please, please, please, Randymon see what you guys can do about dancing at night. Love the roof top idea with the great breezes. Terry was a wonderful bartender and we wished we could have danced the night away.

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    +1 We love to dance our evenings away…especially when on vacation.

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