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    Default CTI or CSA - Honeymooners needing to decide soon!!

    I have been using this board as well as Trip Advisor as a tool to plan the resort to choose for our honeymoon. It is 4-28-12 thru 5-5-12. I have narrowed it down to these 2 resorts and I need a little bit of help from the members to get a final decision made.
    Things like What to Do/what not to do.
    Items to pack, restaurant choices, bar choices, watersports, activities
    What is the beach like?
    I have an idea on some of these but would just like a little bit of experienced help and reviews to aid in our decision.
    Thanks in advance and hope to join the Couples family soon!!!

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    We have been to both CSA and CTI and we prefer CSA. We only went to CTI because we had to because CSA was flooded at the time. CSA has the most beautiful beach you will ever see. CTI has a small beach that is very nice, but just didn't have the wow factor. CTI is much more social and has a party atmosphere. It also is a hotel like resort. All the buildings are lined up around the water and we found ourselves walking thru buildings to get to things instead of outside just because of the way it is set up.

    CSA, on the other hand, has beautiful grounds that are lovely to walk thru. I would have to say that CSA is way more romantic because of the layout of the property and the lighting at night. We loved just walking across the property at night. If you want an all nude option, then you'll have to go to CTI because CSA does not have an A/N option. There are more restaurant and bar choices at CSA, but more excursion options at CTI, so it depends on what your priorities are. At CSA you can walk the beach off the resort either way and check out local bars and shops and get a real flavor of Jamaica. At CTI you only have the resort you are on unless you take an excursion.

    You need to just look at reviews and pictures of both resorts and see which one you are drawn to. We prefer CSA because of the beach, the layout, the food and bar options and because you can wander off the tons of other things. CTI was just too small and too much like a hotel for us. I believe either way you are going to love it. Couples is great and you can't go wrong with any choice.

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    We like CTI because it is quiet on the beach. The beach is private with no vendors or guests from other resorts. We also like that the rooms are for the most part right on the water. The Spa is one of the best in the Caribbean and is located in the garden/jungle area of CTI. CTI is now offering full room service from 7a.m.-11 pm and mini bars in all rooms.

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    CSA is the Honeymooners resort. Lots to do at the resort and off.
    Irie Mon

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    we have chosen csw for our honeymoon. We are new to Couples but thought swept away looked amazing. We are there 21 April for 10 excited!

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    We have been to CSS twice and we are going again in November 2011. We have spoken to several guests who have been to all 4 resorts and they just love CSS as we do, we will not go to the others as CSS is evryone's favourite, the beaches are better in Negril, white sand but at CSS the beach is private, no vendors, no hassle, older crowd usually at CSS and CTI, hope this helps.

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    We have chosen CSA.
    It came down to the Beach, Room Choice and Activities.
    We are both active adults and the fitness/sports center was too much to pass up.

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    We chose CTI for our wedding and honeymoon. We have an absolute blast. We liked the proximity to the beach from our room and the private beach areas best.
    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    Great choice Matt! My husband loved the sports facility. I has an outdoor running track with different stations to stop at if you want. Also, you can hit up the smoothie bar over there on your way out. Make sure to check out the Martini Bar above the Palms restaurant and also take a night time walk across the property. The lighting at night is so romantic. Congrats and enjoy. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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