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    I was told by a friend that they had reserved their dinner reservations and activities at "another" resort prior to arrival. Is this possible to ensure we get our choices?

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    No worries. At couples they don't over book so you can rest assured when you get there you will have plenty of options. We booked a few activities the first day and made dinner reservations. We added a few more things and changed a few other on a whim and it was no problem mon.

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    Nope... the only thing you can arrange ahead of time (to the best of my knowledge) through Couples Romance Concierge is a private transfer from the airport to your resort. Everything else that can be arranged "on-campus" must be done after arrival.

    You can also make arrangements for "off-campus" tours if you work with a tour operator directly, usually by phone or e-mail contact.

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    No, you can't reserve dinners or activities prior to arrival. You can reserve a Private dinner by contacting guest services prior to arrival and I believe there is a link that you can book spa treatments, but regular dinners, and activites can not be reserved.

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