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    Default Finally DBL Digits!!!

    Dec. 3 can't come soon enough!! CN here we come again!!

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    I was just thinking the same thing. We too are coming home to CSS on December 3. It has been a long countdown since I booked it last July, (although we actually didn't start the countdown until Dec. 11 when we got back from our last trip). The last 99 days can't go by fast enough!

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    We just did the double digit dance ourselves yesterday! Dec 4th to CSA.

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    We're closing in on the DDD (double digits dance) ....... December 19

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    Just curious- so you arrive Dec. 19 and stay through Christmas? Have you done this time before? If so, how was it? weather, amount of people, special Christmas stuff they have at CN? Would be so intested in your thoughts.
    Mariann and Jimmy

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    Okay, stop rubbing it in!!! We have 120 more days to go before we are in CN celebrating the arrival of 2012!!!!

    Too early to pack??

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    Mariann & Jimmy - Actually haven't been at CN over Christmas before but have decided we need to start a new tradition & have a holiday without stress of all the family get togethers .... LOL .... Closest we've come is the first week in December. The weather was PERFECT with less humidity than at other times during the year when we've been to Jamaica which was WONDERFUL .... my swimsuit would actually dry by hanging it out on the patio/balcony. They were in the process of putting up tons of decorations & wrapping everything in lights when we were there then so it was all very magical by the time we left with lights wrapped around the palm trees & fairy lights in the trees & garland wrapped all over .... Not sure what more they did after we left but it was GORGEOUS while we were there. Also, were already singing Christmas carols & getting everyone into the spirit that early so I imagine that it just gets more so the closer you get to the holiday. It was not crowded then but CN NEVER feels crowded when we've been no matter what time of year. We fly home the day after Christmas & since the prices go up quite a bit during that week after Christmas through New Years, I assume that means they're busy then. I just know that it's going to be WONDERFUL to wake up Christmas morning & our "White Christmas" be WHITE SAND & not 2 foot of snow like we've had the last 2 Christmas mornings & the only stress of the day being, what lounge chair to sit in. LOL

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    I'm doing my "Double Digit Dance" today!!! And it's driving my coworkers

    99 and still counting to CN on Dec 10!!!
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Monica and I are doing the Double-Dance today!!!!!!! CSA here we come...

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    99!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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    92 days for us to arrive on Dec. 3rd (my birthday) at CSA, but who's counting? We also booked our trip over a year ago and the anticipation of going back home has been terrible. We're taking the early flight out of NYC so we'll arrive before lunch. We don't care how early we have to get up to catch a 7am flight. We don't want to lose a whole day travelling again and sit down to our lobster dinner in the dark. We'll all be home again before we know it..."IRIE MON!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveg52 View Post
    We also booked our trip over a year ago and the anticipation of going back home has been terrible.
    I hear ya, Steve. Our countdown began at 609!!! (Yes, that's a six.)

    It was such a long countdown that we ended up booking a Secret Rendezvous to CTI in between (went last November)...just to satisfy our cravings.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    37 DAYS until our first trip to CN!!! Excited doesn't even begin to explain it!

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