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    does anyone know if they have atms at CSS I have a visa and I dont want to run out of money and I was going to use an atm if I run out

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    CSS does not have an ATM. We bring cash from home and keep it in the safe in our room and have never had a problem. The offsite tours all take credit cards and CSS is cashless--everything you purchase at the resort is charged to your room and you can pay with a credit card at check out. If you should need a bank, I'm sure Guest Services could help you locate one.

    All the best,

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    SuzyQ thank you for the information now my husband and I are just confused on how much money to bring with us now lol are there any so called hidden costs that I should for warned about that could be charged to our room or what exactly gets charged to your room thank you for the information

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    There are no real "hidden" charges at Couples. When they say All Inclusive they really mean it! You will not be charged unless you utilize a service that has an extra cost and all those activities are clearly identified.

    I think the amount of money you bring depends on your plans--off and on the resort. For example, CSS has some wonderful vendors that they allow on the property several days each week. These vendors usually do not take credit cards, so you would need cash if you wanted to purchase something from them. These vendors have wonderful wood carvings, baskets, etc. Also, you will need tip money for all the non-Couples employees. These folks would be the baggage handlers at the airport (usually $1 per bag), spa staff, and your tour driver if you take any excursions. My husband and I usually bring $200-$500 because we have a favorite private driver that we use for our tours so we spend quite a bit of time with him--so we pay him in cash for his services and we take him to lunch with us after our tour and then we buy dinner for his family for him to take home.

    The items you puchase on the resort private dinner, gift shop items, upgraded wine can all be charged to your room. We usually end up taking cash back home. So no worries, as I said before, if you need to find a bank the staff will help you locate one.

    Happy and safe travels!

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