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    Default CSA Sold out for 1st Week of December????

    I was playing around on the computer (price checking actually) and found out that CSA is SOLD out for the 1st week of December. Has anyone ever been here when it is at full capacity? Did you get the room you reserved? What about reservations for dinner, activities and service? I am guessing they filled up fast?

    Can anyone confirm the resort is sold out and if it is, is there an event taking place?

    Guess the more the merrier.

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    Yes, we have... in May '09 during the height of the swine flu scare, lots of vacationers were diverted to Jamaica from Mexico, and many of them wound up at SweptAway... they were totally booked, I was told, to OVER-capacity as far as rooms go (trust me, there IS a way). SweptAway with its staff and facilities, never flinched!

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    We just booked for the first week in December, 2011? We were told there were 3 rooms left when we booked. That was on September 2.

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    I would call them to see for sure seeing sometimes it won't show on the web site but they may have rooms available!

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    We went in June and they according to Couples on line booking they were sold out, never would of know. CSA is so spread out with only 312 rooms even sold out it doesnt feel crowed ( execept the swim up bar) and you should not have proublem getting reservations.

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    The marathon race is on December 03, 2011 . Always a big draw to CSA

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    Hi tkingle66,
    We were at CSA the first week in December, 2008 and will be there the same week this year starting December 3rd. The reason it's booked solid is due to the Reggae Marathon which is held in Negril that same week every year. CSA is in some fashion the host resort. We didn't have any problems getting reservations at any of the restaurants or on the catamaran cruise. There was one or two nights that I think we waited a few minutes for a table at Patois Patio but it wasn't bad with a fresh hummingbird from the bar in my hand. As far as the rooms goes, we did have to spend one night in a lower class room but were given a room upgrade and $100 resort credit for the inconvenience of having to move. The move was seamless because we left the room in our beach wear with everything else still packed. After lunch we checked at the lobby and the new room was ready and our bags had been moved already..."No Problem Mon!" My wife made quick use of the credit by scheduling a massage for later in the week which she said was heaven. I hope you get a room if your hearts are set for that week. Enjoy and hopefully we'll see you in Paradise, aka CSA!

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