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    Default comfortable are the beds?

    I have done so much research on the Couples resorts, I literally dream about it at night! My husband and I finally booked a trip to CSA, so of course I decide I still need to do more research?
    Anyway, I look a lot at trip advisor and have seen a lot of people on there talk about how absolutely uncomfortable the mattresses are at CSA. They said they have no box springs and it's like sleeping on a brick...please tell me this isn't true!
    What are your opinions on the beds there?

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    Well, a bed's firmness is such a subjective thing (thus, the sleepnumber mattress) that one person's perfect is another person's brick... so its difficult to say that you will find the bed in your SweptAway suite to be "just right", as the little lady said in the three bears.

    Personally, I find the beds to be comfortably firm. Our bed at home is a bit soft for me, but the lady loves it. Mind you, she's very hard to wake up in the morning as she snoozes away at SweptAway, so the firmness doesn't bother her.

    You'll be fine, to be sure. Not worth worrying about.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Hubby loves the bed... me not so much. But after a day in the sun and a few drinks while dancing it didnt keep me form getting a great night sleep.

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    It's been nearly two years since my last visit to CSA (), so I cannot really recall exactly how comfortable the beds are. I can tell you, though, that I have absolutely no memory of them being uncomfortable...and I do remember getting great sleep every night that we have spent there! I will be able to give you a better report in 35 more days! CSA soon come!!!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    We always sleep well there. (Could be all the rum and sun....) Let's just say we have a Sleep Number bed at home, and we both seem to get a GREAT night's sleep at CSA!! If I remember correctly, the mattress is kind of firm, but still comfortable.
    Don't fret, you will sleep fine in paradise!

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    That is SO not true! We have been to CSA five times and we think the beds are great!

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    Hi uscgrad98,
    My wife and I both have problems with our backs but the firm mattresses at CSA didn't present any issues for us. Yes they are very firm but definately not like sleeping on bricks. They are platform beds with mattresses and no box springs. It will only be an issue if all you can comfortably sleep on are super soft beds.
    Good luck, Steve

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    We slept like a rock at CSA in July. They are firm but I thought they were great. We actually looked at what type of firmness the mattress was and when we came home we got a new mattress. We needed a new one and because we slept so well we decided to get a new one with the firmness like the one we had at CSA.

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    It's true, no box spring. The beds are firm but that's what I prefer. If you like soft pillow -top, you probably won't care for the beds.

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    IMO I thought the bed at CSA (the BFVS) was very comfortable.......and the pillows are also comfortable. We are returning this Jan/Feb 2012. Hope they haven't changed the beds. d

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    I think they are medium firm but ok. The ones at CSS are My bed at home is like a rock.

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    Wow! It's amazing how differently we see the beds! It's been a few years since CSA but have been to CSS & CN more recently. Maybe they have improved them or at least gotten new ones. I've been begging Couples to upgrade their beds because I can't sleep on them & wake up in pain everyday. Granted I don't drink any alcohol so I can't numb myself to the pain! The bed doesn't seem to matter to my husband but he can't wait to get back to our bed at home by the end of the week.
    We have a tempu-pedic bed at home & I've gone to the trouble of purchasing their travel mattress just so I can actually be able to walk everyday!! It costs me extra to bring down on plane & is a hassle to lug around but I would not be able to go back to Couples if I didn't have it. I continue to look for a new place with tempur-pedic beds for a vacation & if I find one I will sadly have to say"Adios" to Couples!!


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    We slept great on both visits (I am sure the sun and drinks help) and I sleep lousy at home - going back in April!

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    I truly think the mattresses are middle of the road. Not soft and not hard. I can't stand pillow-top so if they change to that
    unless they give me a regular mattress I am done. I have been to several resorts with those and will never return.

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    Not comfortable at all for me!!! All of them that we have had were hard, lumpy, thin and appeared to be way past their prime. My back hurts the whole time we are there. They have some sort of thin pillow top mattress pad but it really don't do much. I do not like firm beds but I can tolerate them normally. The beds at CSA are particularly uneven and lumpy and that makes them even worse.

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    Great...I'm going there to relax and maybe sleep in a little. I have 3 children and never get to sleep in! I wanted a nice comfy bed that I could drift away in. I also don't sleep great at home all the time. Oh well...guess I'm not gonna cancel because of a bed!

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    I prefer a hard/firm mattress. Soft mattresses do me no good.

    Regardless, with all the booze and sun I will get getting, I could sleep on asphalt and get a good night's "rest".

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    Default beds at csa

    We just recently returned from CSA and had stayed in an Atrium suite. The bed was very
    comfortable! We both had no complaints whatsoever. We miss it now, that is for sure!

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    I have a bad back and always wake up stiff and sore at CSA, but that hasn't prevented me from going back for trip 8!! The bed is really the ONLY thing that isn't perfect in my eyes, so it's totally not a deal breaker....I just stretch and go to the gym and I'm fine.....I hope you don't fret about the bed - I think you'll find that the resort as a whole is really fantastic....

    Have a great time!!!!

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    The beds are very firm, but we actually have a harder time adjusting to the pillows than the mattress. . I suggest bringing your own pillows to offset any back discomfort. That is what we plan to do this year.

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