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    Hi we have not been to Couples Negril for about 3 years now , have there been any major changes in this time , thinking of going back here April 2011 Roger and Annette from Oxford England

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    Nope, no major changes. New boardwalk with couches. Don't remember when Lychee opened, but it's the Asian restaurant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerallen View Post
    Hi we have not been to Couples Negril for about 3 years now , have there been any major changes...
    Am going to guess you mean to return in 2012 (not 2011) and that your prior visit was ~Sept. 2008

    In addition to the replaced boardwalk, here are a few changes since then:

    Three is a new bathroom just outside of Lychee, including showering facilities that can be used for departing guests if a courtesy room is not available.

    The wooden walkway behind the beachgrill to the middle of block #1 is gone.

    In late 2008 most of the rooms were in the midst of renovations so that may be new to you (blue mosaic tiles in bathroom, new bathroom sink, granite counter with flat screen TV in main room).

    The chairs at the diving pool, the piano bar, and Heliconia were replaced/refurbished.

    Two palapas were added to each end (thought they are somewhat portable) of the beach.

    Repeater T-shirt design is different.

    Some of the restaurant floors have changed as have place mats, room decor, etc but you posted "major" changes so those will be skipped.

    Have a great trip!
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    When we were there in 2009 they were doing construction--I think repairing/replacing roofs.

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