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    Default Some very special times.

    This coming week, there are two fantastic events that we will be enjoying. They take place over a two day period. One thrilling hour after another.
    They are not the kind of events that lots of people will attend. Although, I know that there will be others "doing there thing" in other cities and countries around the world. There won't be any marching bands or baton twirlers or guys selling balloons.
    There isn't some far away destination that we have to drive to in order to experience these two incredible moments. We won't have to adorn ourselves with garments of "casual elegance".

    Nope. All we have to do is be together and revel in the excitement. It will last last less than 48 hours. But within that time frame, we can start as early in the day as we would like. And the second day has it's own time agenda. But we look forward to that time, because when it occurs, the fun really gets under way.

    I am speaking of "Couples eve" and "J-day".

    Some of you may not even know that you too can take part in similar activities in your city or town. Here is what I mean.

    "Couples eve". This is a time when two people, who are traveling to any of the four outstanding Couples resorts on the next day, spend special time with with each other.

    Many couples have developed their own special routine for the "night before", Sharing their thoughts and their feelings with each other, as to what will take place in the coming days and nights.

    You may want to go out and party hearty that evening. Certainly, the night is unique enough. However, those of us that have been enjoying our "resort of choice" for some time, would reccomend against such an activity. Starting your vacation with a hangover doesn't sound appealing to me. Besides, there will be plenty of time for that in the days ahead.
    Rather, two people enjoying each others company, talking about the times to come. If you are "newbies", this evening moment is expecially exciting and it is filled with visions of warm days and sultry nights. A wonderful adventure for sure.

    If you have been fortunate enough to have already been to Couples land, then you know what things will look like and smell like and taste. You know that unbridled childlike exuberance will fill every waking minute of every single day. You have been there when a gala night took place, and the starlit skies sparkled overhead. The two of you, at that incredible time, are closer than ever. In body and in mind. This is a "Couplelisious" time.

    So by now, I'm pretty sure that you now know what you can be doing on the night before the time of your lives. This evening enjoyment is, as many of us know, just the teeny tiny tip of of the sand dune. What follows "the night before......" will make lasting impressions for each of you. Those memories and images will play out over and over again in your head.

    "J-day". The day that all the work and energy you have contributed to this trip, pay you back 100 fold. Jamaica Day. Couples Day. Your Day.

    As soon as you wake up on that morning, if you got to sleep at all, the long days and weeks of planning and scheduling, are about to reward you for all your efforts. Your ride to the airport is on its way. You have checked, about 11 times, to make sure you have packed this thing and that.

    Let the good times roll.

    If you didn't know about "Couples Eve" or "J-Day, it's not too late. You can start planning for them right now. Even if the "day" is a year away or more, don't dispair. Your day will "soon come, mon".


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    Richie, the only thing better than Couples eve is arriving back "home" again.

    it's all about the kids

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