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    Default Photo session at csa

    My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful stay at CSA. This was our second time to CSA and we were aware of the professional photos that their photographers take of guests from our last visit. They will take pictures of you at the restaurants, on the beach, etc. You can then view the photos by the photo desk and have the option to purchase them. What we did not know was that they offer what they call sunset photo session. A photographer takes several picures of you (individually and as a couple) at various locations on the beautiful grounds.We haven't had so many pictures taken of us since our wedding day! The grand finale is the sunset! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Our photographer was Cecil. He did an outstanding job and is very talented! He also has quite the artistic talent for drawing personalized hearts in the sand. This photo session is free of charge and there is no pressure to purchase any pictures. We loved the pictures so much that we purchased the photo cd. It is a wonderful keepsake of our 35tth anniversary. We highly recommend the photo session. We wish we had known about it the first time we went. Also, we discovered too late that if you go snorkeling you can be photographed also. When would you have the opportunity to have underwater pics taken of you as a couple while snorkeling? We learned about this the night before we left for home and didn't have the opportunity. So we are passing the word on to others who may be interested.

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    Thanks cherie for the info and I knew there was a photographer walking around but I didnt know you could book a sunset photo session and I'm glad I know that now because I will be doing that! thanks again!! Happy 35th Anniversary!!!

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    thanks for the info!

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    How much was the cd?

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    We had a photo shoot last year for our 10th anniversary at CTI. It was SO much fun! We did one that was more formal around the grounds and at sunset, and then one that was more fun and sexy in our bathing suits in the water and on the beach. Best pictures we have ever had! We bought a cd, I think with 35 or 40 pictures and also a framed 8x10 and I think we paid around $250... can't remember for sure.. but well worth it!!!

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    wow! Wish we would have know about this in July! We were there to celebrate our 35th anniversary as well. Congratulations!

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    The cost for a 100 picture CD is $250.00. We had a difficult time eliminating photos to get the quantity of 100. We loved them all!

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    We paid 15 for one photo taken at the bonfire.

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