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    How far to Rick's from CSS?
    Is it a all day trip?

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    Rick's is in Negril so yes it would be 3 hours each way from CSS which would equal all day.


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    Its quite a ways south and west, in the West End area of Negril, along the Cliffs. Probably not a good run from OchoRios. I mean, its doable, but not worth a that much time away from your share of paradise. If the beach road is taken, it will be about 3.5-4 hours each way. Not sure if going cross-country would be much better.

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    Way to far, probably (5) hours r/t. Not worth it and probably a very expensive cab ride.

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    Rick's is in Negril, about 4 hours from CSS. Not really an excursion from there. You would spend 8 hours driving for 1 hour of sunset, and the drive home at night could be rough.

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    The taxi would cost you over $200 US.
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