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    Default First time at CSA- Honeymoon!

    Hello everyone! Me and me soon to be wife will be arriving Monday Sep 12 at CSA for our first time in Jamaica! Really our first time out of the country together... Anyways we are getting married this Saturday, Sep 10 and I was wondering if there were any type of incentives or accommodations we may be entitled to because we are just married?? I know some places provide little things for the couple, just wondering if there was at CSA, and if so how do I let the staff know before we get there? (I booked through a website that bundled the flight together).

    Finally, I think we are in the Garden Verandah Suite and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is WiFi there or not?? Unfortunately I am enrolled in an online class and a honeymoon doesn't count as an excused absence

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    SweptAway is a resort-wide hotspot, and you should have a wi-fi signal at your suite... but our experience has been that it isn't always a very reliable signal. There IS, however, a computer lounge in the GreatHouse, and there is usually great reception there, as well as in the lobby (there is a quiet area in the mezzanine there) and at the mezzanine at The Palms.

    Who knows... maybe you'll find good reception poolside, or on the beach!

    Good luck!

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    I believe there is WiFi all over the resort. Also, you do get a couple perks for being Honeymooners. Check out the website for details. I would email and/or call the resort to let them know you'll be on your honeymoon. And make sure you bring something to show you just got married. It has to be within 30 days of your wedding to get the perks. Congrats and enjoy. You are going to love CSA. If you have any other questions, just let me know. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Congrats on the wedding.. here is the link: I would just let them know when you arrive. As for wifi, you can get it almost anywhere.


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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding...and you are going to LOVE CSA! You will get a complimentary his/her massage from the spa at CSA as a honeymoon gift! Be sure you bring some proof of your recent nuptials. An easy thing to bring is your wedding program. Enjoy!

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