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    Default Bottled water at Couples Negril?

    We have been to Couples Negril several times and have always enjoyed having water bottles in our mini bar in the room and also were able to pick some up at the bars and take them on the beach with us. I just read on TripAdvisor that CN is no longer providing the free water bottles that you now have to buy them at the gift stores there is you want any water bottles. Has anyone been their recently that can verify if this is true or not. Since we are drinking alcohol all day and are in the sun all the time, I am drinking water all the time. If you have to purchase the water bottles now then I will just plan and bringing my own refillable water bottle to use. Thanks for you help.

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    Yes it is true there is no bottled water. We alwasy buy a bottle at the airport before we leave (never know how long you are going to be stuck on a plane) so we just filled that. They have water coolers set out at various places through out the property. We were told this is an environmental initiative.


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    At the repeaters dinner , the general manager explained to us that bottled water will no longer be available because Jamaica does not recycle. Cold water is provided in a insulated pitcher in your room, and throughout the resort.

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    at CTI we got the couples bottles in our rooms and just refilled them from the taps they had around the property or at a bar (or just filled them with ice and a little water)... great reusable keepsake... mine is sitting on my desk as i type

    i think there is some confusion as they are no longer providing bottled water... in an effort to reduce waste... there was no bottled water in the fridge at CTI (although i did notice it at CSS during our tour)

    this was a sticky for awhile i think.. scroll back within the last months posts and you'll see something about it... if they are no longer providing the refillable bottles this would be new i think....

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    Someone posted last month that they announced at a recent Repeaters Dinner that CN will no longer have bottled water, because Jamaica isn't good about recycling and it is a huge pollution factor. I always bring my own refillable bottle anyway, and the tap water is fine, so that would be your best bet.

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    save Jamaica the waste and bring your own, fill it in your room.

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    We were at CN in July and we had our mini bar stocked with 4 waters everyday, all we had to do was ask.

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    we was there in July and they still had bottle water in the rooms fridge.(2). They refilled it every day with what you wrote down on the form in the room.

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    ahhh and i went back and found the post about the refillable couples water bottles and it seems it's just CTI that have those right now.... guess we were lucky love mine!

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    tap water for drinking?

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    Just got back yesterday. There were no bottled water to be found, and there was nothing to put water in, in the room. There was water stations at all the bars. There were signs posted explaining this was for enviromential reasons.

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks everyone for all your help on the water bottles question at Couples Negril. Now that I know that they don't have them anymore, I will plan on bringing my reusable water bottle. One more thing to add to my packing list.

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    It would seem sensible to provide the refillable bottles as provided at CTI at all resorts...Randy has this been considered?

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    Randy? Any thoughts......

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    Right now, only CTI provides refillable bottles. It is our intention to add these bottles at all resorts, however, for now... as we say, soon come.

    Couples Resorts

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    While I understand why there is no longer bottle water on the grounds - what about for those people who are taking off-site excursions - such as walking the beach, tours and golf. As a golfer, I always appreciate having a couple of bottles of water in my golf bag when I am climbing up the hills at Negril Hills!


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    The water in Jamaica is totally safe to drink and great tasting, trust me I live in FL where it is touch and go.. Hopefully "soon come" will be very soon for all of the resorts.. Let's go Randy, hurry this one up! Even without the special couples bottles all of the bartenders are happy to give you a glass of ice water or fill up whatever cup you might have.

    I have always brought my own refillable bottle because in this beautiful paradise the thing I notice as we travel around the country is the garbage and being a little island in the middle of the sea there is no place for it to go. Do the wonderful people of JA, and all of us that love this little diamond in the sea a favor and think twice the next time you reach for a bottled water. In fact, anytime you reach for one think about it even in your own locale.. Bottled water is one of the worst things for our environment, if you don't believe me check it out for yourself.

    Here is a link to a movie that has been done about it:

    It doesn't stop there either, there is info all over the web about it's detrimental effects on the earth and even our health.

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    You always hear about companies doing it for the environment but never any mention of the savings this measure will give them. Where I'll be impressed is when companies do something for the environment that costs them money, not saves them. Gotta love all these big companies push for paperless billing, let's do it for the environment!! Really? You mean there's no benefit for you to stop buying all that paper, printing all those bills, then mail them, then process them when they come back in. Here's the deal, how about passing some of that savings on to the customer then I'll be happy to sign up.

    Rant over, off the subject. Personally I like bottled water and hate to see it not available any longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ed View Post
    tap water for drinking?
    The tap water is great, no yucky taste at all. We used to live on a mountain and had a natural spring well. Our water was fabulous! Jamaican water runs a close second.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Right now, only CTI provides refillable bottles. It is our intention to add these bottles at all resorts, however, for now... as we say, soon come.
    Thanks ..imho...that becomes an addition to the couples propostion..

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    is the water from the tap safe to drink?

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    They do have bottled water available - but it's the large format as in 5 gallon bottled water with glasses available for self service instead of individual bottles. We snagged a couple of water bottles on the plane, and just refilled these to keep on hand, and would refill these or use one of the available glasses when getting drinks at the bar. The tap water is also safe and tastes decent.

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    another thing to keep in mind as you purchase your bottled water is that it isn't necessarily the safest choice. there is NO regulation on bottled water when it crosses between state lines and very often the water in that bottle came right out of a tap! in addition, the water sits in those bottles, warehouses, etc going through temperature extremes and becomes sagnant.

    tap water is safe, it's regulated and you don't waste fossil fuels (which can not be replenished) or create waste. one of my favorite slogans, which is on my reusable water bottle: "think global, drink local"

    and again, thank you Couples for doing away with this!

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    I like my bottled water with hops and barley made by Red Stripe!!

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