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    Default newbe ss + ti quick questions

    hi fellow beach lovers! I'm hoping that a few of you can help us to decide which resort is best for our needs. We're only interested in TI + SS. Thanks in advance!

    • if there's a wedding is the nude beach still open?
    • if the seas are rough is TI nude beach closed or does the new dock allow safe travel to the island?
    • any suggestions for very quiet rooms [ie. no overlooking hot tubs, pools, bars– corners, isolated rooms best]
    • I have food allergies and need simply cooked [grilled if possible], no-seasoning/spices, mostly salads + fruits, which would most likely accommodate these requests happily?

    Looking forward to hearing your ideas,

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    I suspect that a wedding would shut down the island for an hour or so during the ceremony... From a brides perspective Im not sure dream wedding pictures would include random nakedness just having a photographer there probably violates some policy...

    I imagine a wedding would be handled like rough seas, guests are bused over to San souci to use sunset beach....

    A room by the quieter main pool would probably be best... There's no music played at the pools as to not disturb guests in their rooms... Couples does not accommodate room requests ( would probably do so on checkin if available) but won't take specific requests in advance of arrival unless due to a mobility issue...

    With dietary issues you will want to notify them prior to arrival and then speak to the server/and/or chef at each meal...


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    I'm assuming your nude beach question refers to CTI as the beach at CSS is not used for weddings. The weddings on the island occur in the evenings. The island is closed down earlier than usual (about an hour) to prepare for the wedding. The island doesn't open up again until the next day.

    The new boat and new dock seem to be making a difference if the island is closed, but there are no guarantees.

    I felt like the rooms at CSS were more isolated than CTI and the overall sense of the entire resort was quieter. CTI is a 'high-rise' hotel with most of the rooms in the main building. CSS has the rooms spread out in multiple buildings across the property.

    Regarding your food allergies, just make arrangements to meet with the head chef upon arrival. He will discuss with you your allergies and they will be able to accommodate your needs.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Weddings on the island are limited to later in the day--after 5. When they are held, the island closes around 4 but opens earlier that day. According to the information on the Wedding link, they do these only on Saturday. We had red flag days most of our trip and with the new boat (a pontoon boat) and new solid--not floating--dock, the island did not close. I would imagine with weddings and private island dinners bringing in more $$ it would take a lot to close it because then they couldn't do the weddings which are rather pricy or the dinners, again, more than the standard private dinner. If you are thinking CTI, Superior rooms in building five or garden rooms. All the other rooms over look the pools. As for the food, when you arrive at which ever resort you choose, ask to speak to the chef regarding your food allergies. There are plenty of plain fresh fruits and vegetables at CTI as I am sure there are at CSS, so I don't think you will have a problem Stephan Spath Couples Head Chef was at CTI almost our entire vacation. But I understand he lives near CTI. You might try e-mailing guest services to set up an appointment prior to your arrival. The chefs are very easy to work with at any of the resorts.

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    thank you all for the helpful information + insights!

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    We've been to both, CTI without question is our choice. Too many reason to list but we won't be back to SS again and have already planned our 4th trip back to CTI. In our opinion there is no comparison. You just can't beat the Island.

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