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    Default Travel Time from CN to CTI

    Could anyone tell us how long it takes to travel from CN to CTI? Thanks

    Paul and Debbie

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    By ground transportation it takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours depending on traffic. By air it is about 40 mnutes

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    About 3 hours

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    It depends if they make you stop at the airport and pickup more guests. We're going in the opposite direction next month - CTI to CSA - three hours without the airport stop.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    We travelled from San Souci to Couples N egril in two and a half hours. We travelled on a Sunday and made exceptional time. I was expecting three hours at best to maybe 4, but we did it so fast on a Sundday. I would not hesitate a split between Ocho Rios and Negril in the future.

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    i do believe but dont quote me I think its around 3-4 hours!!! Pack a cooler of Red Stripes and snacks!! LOL

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    They don't go through the airport anymore.

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