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    Default May be a dumb question - but are there lots of sharks in Negril??

    I live near the beach in south FL so I know there's always sharks around in the ocean and that's why I don't go in too deep, but I didn't know if anyone has seen a lot while snorkeling or scuba-ing around CN? Huge phobia of mine lol but I definitely want to attempt getting out in the water on our honeymoon!

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    Starfish, the odd ray now and again, lots of small bait fish, but in all the years I've been going to CSA, I've never seen a shark near the beach or on any snorkel trip.

    I also live in South Florida and go to the beach at least three times a week and in 13 years, I've never seen a shark other than on the news.
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    Only a few nurse sharks out in the reefs, which are extremely docile. We usually pet them on our dives and they are totally harmless. They hide under coral shelves and never come in toward the beaches. There are no other sharks anywhere you will be.

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    In all the times I've snorkeled off Long Bay, I've only seen one small (less than 2') shark, and a number of rays, which technically, I guess, are sharks. You'll also occasionally see the rays playing in the morning surf.

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    You would have to do a little research, but if I recall correctly, it has been decades since there has been a shark attack in Jamaica. Every once in awhile you we hear those who scuba talk about seeing a sand shark. We don't scuba, but we snorkel, sometimes 2x a day - have never seen a shark in 3 trips. Easy for me to say, but....No Worries!

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    In 5 trips to Jamaica (4 to Negril) where we have either gone snorkeling or scuba diving (or both), I have never seen a shark. Now, that doesn't mean they aren't there...I live on the Gulf Coast and have been to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL more times than I can count and have never seen a shark there either, but I know they are out there. That being said, I don't think you have anything to worry about. The water in Negril is too fabulous not to be enjoyed!

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    The only sharks around Jamaica are nurse sharks which are completely harmless. No need for concern.
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    We are divers & actively search for sharks...doing good to MAYBE find a nurse shark hiding in a need to worry about sharks...
    27 days til we get to CSA!!!

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    As much as I've tried to find one of any size I've never seen one in Negril. A sea snake about made me run on water once, LOL

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    Only the land shark beer at jimmy buffets margaritaville

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    No worries! Land sharks a few (LOL!). Sharks which would cause you to bolt from or leave the water, not! Snorkling and Scuba will be totally safe. The staff of professionals @ Couples will insure all is good. Enjoy! Razzl

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    No sharks. Even the scuba crews have to look for them. Enjoy that beach!

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    We were at CSA in Negril for 10 nights earlier this year and did our PADI SCUBA certification there.
    The whole time the diving group only saw one nurse shark on a shallow dive and they said that was very rare and lucky to see one.

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    Congrats on going to CN you will have a wonderful time! We were at CN 2 years ago for our honeymoon and I did not see 1 shark. The beach area is netted off for swimmers so no "big" fish can get in. The water is crystal clear as well.

    We snorkeled almost every day, I personally just saw all kinds of amazing fish and coral. Nothing scary.

    Relax, enjoy, and have a great time!

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    If you do see one, more than likely just a sand shark. I havent seen any in my 2 trips to CN.

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    The last fatal shark attack shown in Jamaica was in 1922. Rest easy!

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    Hello all, we dove every day, twice a day this past Christmas. We were at CN for 2-1/2 weeks and we even did 2 night dives while we were there. We saw 8 or 9 sharks during our 34 dives....or maybe it was the same one over and over again. They were all nurse sharks about 7 or 8 feet long (says the divemaster), and they were each found under a ledge, never swimming around. We loved seeing them, not too many sharks in Lake Ontario. We even saw an octoctopus on one of the night dives!

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    We stayed Jan. 09 on Bloody Bay, I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the sharks that sit just outside the swimming ropes on their Jet Skiis.

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