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    Default Trying to post

    I've been attempting to add to other's posts but nothing shows up.

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    All posts must be approved by a moderator and that usually only happens 1-2 times per day, so it will take a little bit of time for your posts to appear.

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    Oh, look! You showed up!

    Sometimes it takes the better part of a day, or occasionally more, for posts to show up on the message board. Have patience and check in later or even the next day. Your stuff will eventually show up.

    Welcome to the message board.

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    Hi dentalgal,
    Sometimes it can take some time for your posting to appear depending on how frequently the moderator is updating the message board.
    No worries, your posts will show up

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    Below all the posts (at the bottom of the page after you click on the original thread), you will find a "Quick Reply" dialogue box. Simply click inside it and begin to type away.... join the conversation!

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