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    Default TimAir flights to Negril

    My wife and I are considering taking the short flight up to negril. Is this worth the extra money? My wife gets motion sickness from the ride up to the resort. She will take the transfer from the airport if its not worth it to take the TimAir flight!

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    I get motion sick just thinking about rough seas and plane rides, we took Timair to CN and it was the smoothest flight I've ever been on. Curtis is a great pilot and makes the short trip fun!! He points out some landmarks and the scenery is beautiful. I want to say from the time we landed in Mobay, made it through customs and landed in Negril was just over an hour. Our plane landed early in Mobay just before 3 others did.

    Upon landing Curtis will call for a shuttle to pick you up or you can take a cab onto the resort. In '09 Couples had a policy of not allowing people to just walk on the resort, not sure if that changed, but the airstrip is right across the street from CN. We took the cab that was there instead of waiting.

    If you want to see our pics of the flight email me

    If you decide to use Timair ask if there are any other people flying the same time with you, they use the bigger plane.

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    We flew on International Airlink on 8/20 from Montego Bay to Negril. We decided to fly as we were walking towards the Couples welcome lounge in the airport. We stopped, asked the price($93 per person including tax) and we said yes. We went to the Couples lounge to tell them we had arrived and that we were flying to Negril. We barely had time for a Red Stripe before we were told our plane was ready. We were walked to the front of the airport and back in to where International Airlink's departure area was. We were in the air quickly and 12 minutes later we landed in Negril. We loved the flight and will take it every time.

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    The competition for this market is a bit more intense with the entry of International AirLink... Google them.

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    My wife and I have used Tim Air many times in the past, but we don't much anymore for a few reasons.

    1) The bus trip to Negril takes far less time than it used to before the road was improved. Back when the trip to a minumum of 2 hours and sometimes as much as 3, TimAir was a Godsend! Now it takes 90 min or less even with a stop and it's a lot more pleasant than it used to be. We had one occasion a year or so ago when TimAir was backed up from some reason the bus beat us there.
    2) My wife get motion sickness too, but she gets more motion sickness in 14 minutes in a small plane than she does in 75 minutes on the bus. It is different for everyone.
    3) Having said those things.... I advise everyone to take TimAir at least once because is an absolutely beautiful flight up the coast on a sunny day! It is breathtaking!

    Have a great time!

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    I thought it was great. You are at the Resort in what seems like 10 minutes....

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    It's SO worth it! Not much to consider..... 1 1/2 hours (on a good day) by car, or 15 minutes by plane. The scenery is beautiful and Curtis, the pilot, is entertaining. It was a highlight of our last trip!

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    Any preferance between TimAir and Airlink ?

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    Well my wife had mentioned that should would rather fly with the better known TimAir for me not so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrssuperbratt View Post
    Any preferance between TimAir and Airlink ?
    The only reason we fly from Montego Bay to Negril is to save time. Tim Air charters a flight specifically for you - identify a specific time, and a plane will be there for you. Airlink schedules flights throughout the day, and you may need to wait a while.

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    We have flown on both airlines. There is not much difference between the planes, the pilots or the service. International Airlink is a little cheaper but I would take which ever plane is leaving quicker. When we were at CN in August International Airlink was leaving as soon as we had a Red Stripe in the lounge. It was a 12 minute very safe flight!!

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    Tim Air is great. When you check in with Couples at the airport just tell them to call ahead to let the resort know you taking Tim Air and they will have a van waiting for you when you land. We always tip the pilot 10 to 20 bucks. The ride is smooth and he points different sights out to you.

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    I think my wife and I are going to try Timair this year. Our return flight to the U.S. was changed from 2:30 pm to 11:00 am. We don't want to leave the resort so it looks like it will be Tim Air for us.

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