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    Default single digit dance with questions

    Okay so we are getting married in less then 2 weeks but we are at CSS for almost a week before wedding so wow almost at CSS! This is our first visit and need to know do we need to have an adapter for our computer, & phone? I know its crazy but just in case we want to know and if there is anything else a first timer needs to know please share

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    Nope. You're good as long as you're coming from the U.S. Have a wonderful time. You will not be disappointed. We got married at CSS in the gazebo in April 2010. Its everything you want it to be and more!

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    Congrats on the wedding and going to CSS!!! I'm still a newbie so cant answer your questions but have a great time!!

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    I think it depends on where in the world you are coming from.

    If its from the USA, then no, if its from elsewhere then yes

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    If you're from the US, you should be fine.

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