Err, I did a search before I joined to post. Didn't want to clutter things up.

My wonderful fiancee and I are currently looking for a nice, warm, sandy location to sleep away our honeymoon. A full week of it!

Neither of us has ever really gone on a trip like this, as we're pretty frugal people. Her family took her to Germany once, and honestly I've never left the States. We are, however, looking to make this a very special seven days of sleeping, and think that Couples is astonishing. At least, the pictures and descriptions seem so!

Now, onto our real question -- what is really included in the all-inclusive? I know there's a list on the site, and I've read over it. The big thing for us is dining... by far. In the list it mentions great restaurants, and when I hear "all-inclusive" I immediately assume that's food as well. However, since I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to planning trips such as this, I honestly don't know.

If food isn't included, does anyone have a rough estimate of what we should expect to spend on dining for a 7-night stay?

Many thanks guys. Trina and I are really hoping this one works out!