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    Default Randymon.. Question on resort credits

    I booked my trip for March of 2012 back on June 3, 2011 with my TA.
    I always buy the price guarantee insurance that guarantee's the lowest price.
    The price of our trip has come down, but the TA is telling me I would lose my $300 resort credit that Couples offered for early 2012 bookings.
    I'm not re-booking the trip in any way, I'm just getting a better price, everything is staying the same.
    Is the something that is a standard practice with Couples?
    Even if I would have booked directly with Couples and you have a price guarantee as well, would you take away my resort credit if I would ask for the price difference if the price comes down on my trip?
    I just need to understand if this is something that is Couples mandated or if this is something the TA is mandating.
    It seems to me that Couples was offering the resort credit and the TA should have nothing to say about if the resort credits being taken away.
    Please confirm ASAP.
    Thanks much, One Love, 25 more Fridays till CSA home ward bound #3.

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    Actually, we do not offer or promote a best PRICE guarantee. Rather, we state best DEAL.

    In our view it is all about the value. If you have purchased a package that includes a $300 resort credit and, as a result of a specific promotion, you find a rate that is $200 less in total, then weplace more VALUE on the resort credit.

    It does then become your choice. Do you want to have $300 in resort credits or save $200? One or the other. Your choice.

    Couples Resorts

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