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    Default Security at Tower Isle

    I was reading a safety website for traveling to Jamaica and they said to be careful in Montego Bay. Kidnappings and Murders of tourists can happen. They said most resorts are safe. I was just wondering about the security at Tower Isle. I have never been to Jamaica so I dont know what to expect of anything.

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    CTI is located in Ocho Rios about 2 hours from Montego Bay. I would assume that most safety websites would warn you about traveling in any country outside of your own. Couples does have security. They have a guard shack at the main entrance and there is always a patrol. Dont be afraid to travel to Jamaica and dont be afraid to go to excursions outside the resort. The people of Jamaica are some of the nicest people in the world.

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    Tower Isle is not in Kingston.

    There's security all over the property. Use common sense when out and about. I've felt more uncomfortable in NYC.

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    Please oh PLEASE! post the link to that site. I would love to see that!

    But in all seriousness, this question comes up frequently. You will get plenty of answers. Most can be summed up by one sentence.

    "Use common sense and you will have nothing to worry about."

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    kidnapping and murder of visitors is VERY rare.... to the point where it I can safely say it almost never happens (for reference I've been to Jamaica dozens on dozens of times, am considered somewhat of an "expert" on the destination on another board and in fact lived there for 7m in 09/10, so I'm saying this with some solid understanding of the island..)

    Jamaica is FAR from innocent in the area of violent crimes but 99.999% of the time those crimes are towards other Jamaicans and much occur in areas that a visitor would be hard pressed to find someone to take them.

    in general (IE NOT RELATED TO COUPLES, BUT THE ISLAND AS A WHOLE) when it comes to visitors/tourist or whatever they might be called, what you do see much more of is aggressive vending and near scare sales tactics (especially around cruise ship docks, where the vendors know these individuals will only be around for 8-10 hours), opportunistic crime (honestly it's occasionally violent, but that's only occasionally and often when a visitor is involved, they've put themselves into a situation that might not be the safest one), pick pocketing and room burglary (this is probably the most common crime related complaint from visitors, usually valid, but sometimes people are trying to pull an insurance scam or something) and just general "scam" related endeavors designed to part the visitor with their money in some non-ethical/less than legal manor...

    usually when someone says Jamaica is a dangerous place for tourists, they either haven’t been, or have only been on a cruise ship stopover… they’ve not truly experienced the island… some don’t care for the aggressive sales techniques and do not feel safe, but that’s in isolated areas (not near CTI) and even most aggressive vendors are, for the most part, harmless… (a lot of it is simple a misunderstanding of the cultural mannerisms... Jamaicans can be very forward, direct and blunt, which some misinterpret as highly threatening behaviour).

    To combat the crime that can/does happen against visitors, common sense goes a LOOONG way... go out and enjoy the island, just don't do so drunk/incapacitated to the point where it's obvious... don't go wandering off with strangers no matter how friendly they might be... don't flash a lot of cash/expensive belongings, especially if you are out and about by yourselves.... in short don't do anything you wouldn't do in any unfamiliar area of your own country or even city....

    the tour groups that are offered through couples are reputable and trustworthy and will be able to take you out to enjoy the island safely... there are also private tours that can be arranged, researching this will probably get you the information you need

    as far as couples and CTI in particular, i found the security more than adequate... it's a gated property in a very quiet area with no real beach accessibility... There are beach guards around day and night and we actually found police on property just doing a routine patrol late one night when we came home from a club (i suspect they *may* be in it for the afterhours food? )... all and all, security isn't outwardly obvious or obtrusive, but it IS there so you should have no reason to feel anything but safe and secure enjoying all the wonderful things the resort has to offer...

    don't be afraid to get out and see the island tho... Jamaica is truly lovely... i'd suggest a trip to Portland (and Port Antonio to the East) where the hustle and hassles are less and the beauty is phenomenal... also, if you go on the dunns river trip, try to avoid the vendors as you come out... they are the most aggressive ones in the area and often ruin people's impressions of their experience... dunns is lots of fun tho, so don't let it stop you!


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    Security at CTI is wonderful. We have never had a problem for the 30 years we have been going there. There have been times, over the years, when there mayhave been a problem in town (in the 1980's) but never felt unsafe at CTI.

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    My husband and I just returned for another wonderful trip to CTI. we have been returning fro 10 years. The resort is safe and secure! Go and have a worry free vacation.

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    Default CTI is safe

    No worries - you just have to be careful like you do in any city, no matter what country you're in. We just got back from spending two weeks at CTI and there is security on the resort. We also go off the resort too and never feel threatening. We go down to downtown Ocho - have the taxi cab driver drop us off and we spend hours walking and shopping around Ocho - we love to go where the locals go and we never ever felt threatened - just treat everyone with respect and courtesy and they will do the same. We have met some very wonderful locals that we see year after year when we are walking around.

    We also took a day trip to Kingston - we like to get out and see the country, not just see what the tourists see but what Jamaica is all about. It was a great 'road trip' to Kingston and we stopped in Spanish Town and saw various sites in Kingstons (Port Royal - where the pirates and English got together to rob the Spanish way back when, Bob Marley Museum - different from 9-Mile, Devon House - best ice cream ever! and they even have a Beverly Hills neighborhood there that overlooks the City of Kingston). We NEVER EVER felt threatened when we walking around.

    Come to Jamaica, don't worry about murders and kidnappings (I would be concerned if it were Mexico) - enjoy yourself and you will be just fine. We've been to Jamaica numerous times and never felt threatened - just be mindful of where you go - just like any other place in the world.


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    Thanks so much! I feel better now. It wasnt going to stop me from going but I was kinda scared reading the warnings. Thanks again!

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    The vendors at Dunn Falls were pretty aggressive...if you don't feed into it and keep your feet moving they move on to someone else quickly. Just dont talk to them, or touch anything. If you touch it, they expect you to buy it. I even had someone try to put something in my hand and I let it fall straight to the ground without touching it.

    But I think the number one rule they tell you when you are leaving the resort for any off site excursion is "do not get in an argument with a local". Again...this is common sense

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    Default safety at Tower Isle

    i have been to tower isle 7 years in a row and there has never been any problems in fact my wife and i felt safer there than in the states..they also have a security person at night when we are all sleeping,,even if you go to town shopping there is never !!!! any problems

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    My husband and I were just at CTI late August. We got married there 3 weeks ago today! Before we went, everyone and their mother was telling us to be very careful. They all had strong perceptions about Jamaica being unsafe.

    We felt very safe at all times. Use common sense as you do in your own areas and you will be fine.

    I was expecting the resort to have barbed wire and such around the property. But actually, they don't even have a gate at the front entrance! There is a guard shack, but that is about all that is needed.

    No worries mon. Go to CTI and have a great time. You will be perfectly safe.
    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    It is safe on the resort believe me. As traveling to any foreign country when not at the resort just use common sense and don't act or show your wealth and you will be fine. Enjoy the people they all understand a smile and kindness and will respond with the same.

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