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    Default Crazy Ole Customs

    Hey guys! 24 days till CTI, our first time there 2nd time with Couples. Cannot wait to be home!

    Customs is probably more confusing that physics. Someone had said on one of the previous threads bring back alcohol has further restricts when coming through DFW Airport.

    Our first time we flew from Jamaica to Miami then back to Texas and had no issues with the little box provided by the duty free store in the airport. My husband and I had 3 bottles each.

    I have tried to Google for more information, but have come up empty handed. Anyone have any experience on this or know about DFW's restrictions?

    Thanks for your help!

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    You must pack the liquor in your checked bags upon connection. That's about all....

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    the problem isn't with customs, but with security and the liquid restrictions... If you have a direct flight to your end destination, alcohol you purchase in duty free can be carried on to the plane and off and into the parking lot.. you don't go thru security again...

    if you have a connection you will probably have to go thru security again, which is subject to the no liquids over 3oz rule... so you will have to collect your luggage (which is a requirement with most connections these days anyways) deposit your duty free purchases in it (hopefully you have room and proper "padding" broken bottles in luggage is a bummer!)) then recheck luggage before proceeding thru security... this is a cumbersome process but one they've perfected *somewhat*, so it's not AS bad as it sounds (but yes, it sucks lol) ... just make sure your connection is such that accomodates the timing to do so (they usually won't book a connection with less than 90min or so between)...

    otherwise you can save the hassle of having to repack your bags and pick up the liquor in a shop in Ochi... if you shop around you will probably find prices comparable to the duty free shop (major grocers tend to be the best bet)... then have it properly packed in your bag at initial check in... doesn't save you from having to reclaim your luggage in most instances, but it does make sure it's properly packed and not going to break! just make sure the extra weight isn't putting you over your luggage limit... it'd be not good to pay silly overweight luggage fees for that!

    if you're trying to fly with just a carry on and have a connection, sadly you're pretty much SOL on bringing back alcohol of any size over 3oz...

    good luck!

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    We came back through DFW last month, we had our box of alcohol from the Jamaican airport and when we landed at Dallas we had to put it in our checked bags. This is because you have to go back through a security check, and that is too much liquid to take through the checkpoint. This is for a connecting flight, I'm not sure if you have to put your purchases in your checked bags if Dallas is your final destination.

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    On our previous trips to Jamaica when we reached our first stop in the US, we had to place all liquids in our checked bag age. We just got back from a trip to CSS and when we reached Atlanta, we got our checked bags and placed the sauce John brought in one of the bags and then rechecked them. This was our fifth trip to Jamaica and the first time we did not but alcohol at the airport. If you plan to do any shopping outside the resort, you may want to pick up whatever you plan to buy. The price will be cheaper than what you'll see at the airport.

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    DFW doesn't have any specific customs restrictions, but you won't be able to carry-on the box of bottles like you used to be able to at your transfer. Whatever airport you first stop at in the US, you will need to go through customs, and any liquor, within the limits, will need to go into your checked bags before you go through security to get on your connecting flight.

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    You know, UPS / FedEx / USPS could make a killing if they opened a "Ship it from here" shop at the MBJ airport inside security (by the Duty Free shops.) All the travelers buying sauce, liquor, etc. Rather than deal with having to unpack the carry-on, pull out the liquid, re-pack in a checked bag, check the bag, etc, stop in at the shipping store, buy a box, some bubble-wrap, and send it home...


    OK, never mind. I just priced what it would run to ship 10kg of less than 140proof alcohol via FedEx to the USA (UPS wouldn't give a price) and it came to about $6000

    Oh well, I guess I won't be starting a shipping outlet in Jamaica...

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