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    Default I saw the heart and soul CTI...

    There were a lot of people that passed by her that day. No one really took any notice of her. No one stopped to ask her a question or even just say "hello". They were all preoccupied with just enjoying themselves at this splendid place we all call home. She was preoccupied with her task at hand. She, along with one other female staff and two male staff, were putting the finishing touches to the two or three tables being prepared for yet another happy bride and groom. It was a nice night for being outside. The wedding party will enjoy the setting too. Under the spreading Almond tree near the beach grill and the "old" pool".
    The crisp white linen tablecloths swayed gently as the invisible tropical air brushed over them. The bright white covering was the perfect background for the crystal clear glasses, gleaming utensils and the lovely centerpiece.
    As I stood there watching their progress, my eyes were drawn to one young woman who was working on a table by herself. The others were busy doing other stuff.
    From my vantage point, it looked as though things were okay at her table. But, I was wrong. I could see it in her eyes that had a "perplexed look". And her face didn't have a pleasant smile. Something was askew, and she was thinking about how she could fix it.

    As I glanced around the table, it looked to me that almost everything was already in place. And really, it was finished. The right articles in the right places.

    It's unfortunate that I did not get this young persons name. At the time, it wasn't important. I'm going to try speaking with Latoya to see if she can tell me who was working that party. I will let you know. For the time being she is "Miss X". I hope she will not be offended.

    Things looked as though they were rapping up. Soon, another very happy, in love couple begin the journey of "Mr. & Mrs. I'm sure that if the newly weds, or anyone else at the reception, knew how much work and energy went in to making this night special for all of them, they would be much more than just pleased, As are all the couples that wed at CTI. That's because Latoya makes sure everything goes according to plan.

    Okay. So, back to this very charming young woman and her "situation".

    First, she stepped back from the table for an overall look. Her index finger silently pointed and counted some of the place settings. Then, she came back to the table, got down, sorta, on one knee and eyeballed everything. She then stood up, and adjusted a couple of dinner plates she felt needed tweaking. There was one wine glass missing and she called to someone to please bring it to her. She also spied a napkin that was not folded to her liking,so she made it right.

    Again she stepped back from the arrangements, and with her eyes darting from one object to another, I could almost hear her uttering soft words as each and every item got the final okay.

    She stood for just a moment longer, still seeing if she can find anything else that may spoil this night for anyone. Then I watched her as she leaned forward over the table and moved the handle of a knife, just a smidge. She was done. This appeared to make her happy

    And as before, her her eyes revealed her thoughts.They sparkled in the soft glow of the tiny candle near her left hand. Her lips broadend and a beautiful smile of contentment and satisfaction covered her pretty face.

    That said to me, "I'm happy with what I have done and it looks beautiful". And it did. She displayed a great sense of pride, in her accomplishments.

    This job was done. Tonight will be another memory maker. While the wedding group will take with them, memories of a sun filled and fun filled day for a wedding in the tropics. Their evening activities will yield more pictures, and those pictures till continue to "bring it all back" each time someone looks at them.

    This was just one wedding reception. Latoya has had days with four, five or more functions. She and her assistants make it wonderful. Every single time. Thank you Latoya.

    So, there you have it. Just one more example of the work ethics and standards that everyone, repeat, everyone, practices all the time. We have been impressed with the staff from our first visit in 1995, to our next visit in 56 days. They represent Couples at its best.

    Next time you're walking around any of the four Couples properties, stop for a second and look around. I bet you'll see some of of those hardworking, dedicated caretakers of our realm, doing what they do best. Making sure that every single guest has the time of their lives.

    Thank you staffers. Our hats are off to you. Without all of you, this would just be another nice resort. You have our undying gratitude for all you do.

    Richie & Sylvia

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    Awesome observation! We have been to CN twice, in buildings 8 & 9, which both face the wedding gazebo. We've been able to witness four weddings in total, and one of the couples were friends that we had made at the beginning of our first stay. Sitting there watching the time and care that they put into each and every wedding kind of makes me jealous that I didn't think of that!

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    Beautifully written! This is another shining example of the wonderful staff at Couples. Unfortunately for me, this makes me want the next 213 days to go by even faster. Hope to see you in April.
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Hi Richie and Sylvia,

    Oh, how we love reading your posts!! Joe and I will miss you at the New England/Jamaica Par Taa on the 24th, as we'll be at CTI for 8 glorious nights, leaving in just two days.

    Our 36th wedding anniversary is Sept. 21st and we'll be thinking of all our "Par Taa" friends back home. Cheers to Kevin for putting together such a delightful evening! It sounds wonderful. Although we'll be at CTI this year, we'll be there in spirit. Hope you all have a great time. We know we will....

    Donna and Joe

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    Default You are a true coupleholic!

    When my boyfriend and I made our 2nd visit to CTI, We counted, 11 staff members remembered us...11...that's alot of staff members who still worked there more than a year later (we are a very obvious looking couple I think). It was the best feeling and really got our visit off to a good start.

    There is one woman who worked at the veggie bar. I never got her name but if she is there the 3rd time we go I will thank her. Not only did she remember me, she remembered what I ordered & that I liked my drinks in the coconut. I found myself sitting at the veggie bar talking to her and enjoying my lunch that day. She sings alot when she works works & never rushes. So I found myself sitting there watching her make all those

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