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    Default Married In November!

    Hello all, my fiance, myself and my family will be at CN from November 5-13. We are getting married on the 8th at sunset. Just wondering how the weather is in November? Thanks.

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    just a note, pretty sure the CN standard beach wedding location "butts" up against the AN beach so manage your expectations accordingly.

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    We were at CTI Nov 15-22 last year and going to CSA Nov 14-21 this year. Last year the weather was about as perfect as it could have been. We can't wait to go back! I've heard that October is a rainier month, so hopefully by the 5th all of that will have passed. It will still be beautiful and amazing regardless of the weather. I highly doubt it would rain all day every day. If anything, maybe a shower in the early afternoon. Congrats!

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    Thank god I also am looking to get married at CSA Nov 13 - 22 & was going to ask the same question about the weather!

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    We were married 11/11/08 at CN on the beach. Although the wedding area is adjacent to the AN area of the resort there is a shrub that surrounds that area and conceals it from the Beach wedding area. We will be returning 11/11/11 to renew our vows on the beach at CN.

    I would say I prefer it to CSA just due to the fact that the beach can be shallow at points at CSA and the beach area set up we saw when there did not seem as private as at CN Matter of personal preference too though. This will be out 5th trip at Couples over the last 10 years.

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    To answer your question, the weather should be great. If it does rain in the afternoon, it will be short and usually over well before sunset... pretty typical of the Caribbean this time of year. 86 degrees every day and 79 degrees every night. Not sure how AN came up, but we saw a wedding our first night ever at CN and we didn't even realize the AN portion was there until our 3rd day. Not an issue.

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