One of my favourite books is that called 'Paperweight' by Stephen Fry, a British treasure and leading wordsmith. One of the articles in that book rejoices in words unfamiliar to those who use English. 'Redatt', for instance, is a word from Papua (new Guinea) that means 'a person who is unlikely to partake in evening games'. Another is "from an old Urgic dialect of the tundra, used in the fourth century by the Lappish community." It is 'Hevelspending' and is a noun which describes 'the gasp made by one who, walking in the morning, smells Spring in the air for the first time after a long winter' I love that a word that says so much even exists!

It got me to thinking that there must be a word that we can invent that describes " the feeling one has when one finally reaches the day when you will be flying with your loved one to a Couples resort in Jamaica after a long time only reading the message board and dreaming of being there'

It's not an easy one but I am sure that the throng here gathered will be able to come up with some corking suggestions!!

Lets see......... May I suggest......'yamon-ished' or even 'irie-ated'

PS...only 24 nmore days to go before we are on our way for 14 days of unadulterated bliss! Ya mon

PPS A big thank you to Stephen Fry. Items in parentheses above are his and his alone.