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    Default Yes, it's torture, but I have a goal....

    Just paid for my airline tickets to return to CN and it's peaceful environs. However, it's 287 days away from getting back there! Guess I needed motivation for this upcoming winter, which up here in northern Vermont begins, oh, about any time. Call me crazy, but I now have a goal of returning to CN for my wife's 50th birthday next June. Anyone else have a goal like this?

    One Love,

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    Well tonys, We have a goal of going to Couples for our first time and started our countdown at 627 and today we are at 445 days left so we gotta get thru the winter, next summer so see you're thinking now that 287 days doesnt sound so bad huh? haha Congrats and it will be here before you know.....heck that is what everyone is telling us and I just dont see that happening!! LOL
    I have learned thru this experience that I wont EVER book another trip 627 days out that is for sure!! LOL

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    Oh I love this! Yes we do the same thing. We've been going to Couples every two years for a while now for our anniversary gift to each other, and this year will be our 23rd wedding anniversary, so next time we'll be celebrating our 25th! We can't seem to find a favorite one though, so we will have to continue to jump around! I know I definitely have more motivation when the trip is booked no matter how long it is until we get there!

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    We are 375 days out from returning to CN for a reunion with folks we met two years ago! Oh, and we are 13 days away from having our toes in the sand and drinks in our hand to celebrate our 29th anniversary!! I LOVE the love-a-way plan!

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    Im not good at math, but we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 months before the great return. I mentioned to my wife the other day that we may consider canceling the next trip.. Needless to say she was not happy and reaffirmed that we will be in Jamaica summer 2012..CANT argue with the woman, she knows everything!

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    We know exactly what you mean! We are currently at 216 days until we come "home" We started planning for our next trip for our honeymoon before we left CTI last year! So our countdown started at 22 months. LOL
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Where in northern Vt are you? I spend all winter in the NEK. Winter home in Derby

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    Right in the Willoughby Gap at Lake Willoughby in Westmore. Hence, my earlier weather report...

    Nothing better than the Northeast Kingdom, we think!

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    We have 304 days to go and of course, Tonys, I am always trying to figure out how to get there for a side trip - but don't think it is going to happen. We live in Reno, NV and it takes alot of time for us to get there - we did two trips last year - but felt it was long way to go for 6 days - the first trip. That being said, if the money fairty were to drop extra cash in our laps - we would manage somehow!

    Hope it happens for you!

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    A close friend of mine has a "camp"( A beautiful house) in Averill , VT. We snowmobile there often.

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