Hi ladies!

I booked Misha Earle as my wedding photographer next July at Couples Negril. I'm having fun browsing everyone's photos and envisioning some cool and unique spots to take photos with my fiance and guests.

Misha will no doubt know of lots of places on the resort, however I'd also like to hear your ideas! And it's not limited to just CN, feel free to add any spot at any Couples Resort.

I'll get it started for Couples Negril:
  • the fountain along the green wall, next to the main pool
  • the green spiral staircase with the awesome railings
  • on the red ottomans (I think they're near the lobby. Was thinking of this photo from Andrea/Ryan's wedding)
  • sitting on the hanging swings (also near the lobby? See this image from the same wedding)
  • along the beach at sunset (this would apply to any resort, of course)

So, what are your favorite photography spots?