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    Default Rls update on Jana! Starting junior year of high school!

    Hello MB friends!

    I’m not sure why I haven’t updated for soooo long! Life has a way of getting in the way! And, honestly, I haven’t been on the MB for a while…I appreciate my MB friends and could not have made it through what we did 5 years ago without them. We have been blessed with new friends through this MB and we are so grateful.

    This past July, we marked 5 years since Jana’s diagnosis. But, that also means that we have celebrated 4 years of remission! And, oh my, how Jana has grown up! She now has her driver’s license and she has started her Junior year of high school. She is beginning to look at colleges and is interested in going into nursing…not oncology, but something that will allow her to work with children.

    Although her teenage attitude leaks through occasionally like any 16 year old, Jana is still the positive, gregarious, passionate, and life-loving young woman you became acquainted with during her battle 5 years ago. She returns to the children’s hospital yearly now—only to have blood work…which is an incredible change from a full day of contrast, injections, scans, tests, etc.

    Jana continues to have lingering health issues as a result of the months and months of chemo. She is still highly susceptible to illness and her stamina is not up to par. She misses school often and sometimes getting caught up with her school work is a struggle depending on the teacher. (And sometimes the mama bear has to get involved. Lol) Her body also shows signs of weakness from the ravage of the treatment and she has had multiple injuries and 2 knee surgeries since. However, it doesn’t stop Jana! She dances, sings, participates in show choir, and babysits for several families that are fortunate to have her in their lives.

    Our oldest daughter Holly is in working on her MBA and our middle daughter Emily is beginning her junior year of college. Russ and I celebrated our 25
    th wedding anniversary in July…

    and we are returning to CSS in 2 weeks to celebrate!! Woot woot!

    Hugs, Lisa
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    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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