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    Default ColoradoJuli Update

    Soonerfan mentioned an update on another thread and there is lots to update on so I thought I would share with my Couples family.

    Some quick background for those who are new to the board. In December of 2009 I developed a blood clot the entire length of my left leg. Nearly lost my leg and lucky to have not lost my life. The recovery from the blood clot was long and painful. I ended up losing my job because I could not work. Then in September of last year my husband lost his job. Since that time we have both been unemployed.

    With both of us unemployed our savings ran out. This past July we lost our house. The first of September we packed up our things and moved to Phoenix. We spent a lot of the summer here looking for jobs and found the market much better here in Phoenix for software jobs than in Denver. My brother requested that if we could, he would like us to move to Phoenix as my folks are here and their health isn't the greatest. He was wanting some help with them. The 'funny' thing is that 5 years ago I was here in July for a family wedding and stated that I had no idea why anyone would live in such a god-forsaken city as Phoenix. It gets so HOT! I vowed to never live here.

    We are currently living with my brother and his family and desperately searching for jobs. Scott has an interview with a company on Monday afternoon and I've had a phone interview from a company and they are setting up a face-to-face interview. Hopefully by the end of this month we will both be employed. We are hopeful that we will be able to get our own place by December at the very latest. I'm sure some of you know how difficult it is as adults to live with someone else especially with children when you are used to a quiet, childless home. This has been especially rough on my youngest kitty cat as she is also not used to loud sounds. Unfortunately she is spending most of her time underneath our bed. This is tough on me as she is like my four-legged child and I know she is upset which upsets me.

    The day we loaded up the truck was especially difficult for me. 6 years prior, we had moved into our dream house, in our dream city, in our dream State. Now, 6 years later we were loading up the truck and I found myself locked away in our empty room without any furniture crying with my kitty cats by my side and they too were rather upset. As we crossed the border out of Colorado into New Mexico the tears flowed once again as I left my beloved State that I had lived in for 19 years. Scott and I were driving different vehicles and he told me over the family radio as we crossed the border that one day we would return. I hold onto that hope.

    Things have been rough and I find myself in depression. We received the phone call for the interview for Scott just in time before I felt like I was to hit rock bottom. I'm more hopeful today. I find days when the tears don't seem to stop. I really don't want to be living in this State, but for now we have no choice as we had no where else to go.

    My brother has a pool that we are making good use of when we need a break from looking for jobs. One day while we were floating in the pool we talked about Couples. He is longing to go back as much as I am. We spoke about what we liked about each resort and debated which we would return to. I am hopeful that we will soon have jobs and the ability to go back perhaps next Fall for our 20th anniversary.

    I come to the MB daily for a break from real life, to remember the wonderful times we have had at Couples and to look forward to the future of returning to our beloved second home. I try to look on the positive side of things and Scott tells me not to look backwards, but to look forwards. Some where in the distant future Colorado will once again be our home, but I'm sure that will not happen until my parents have gone home to be with their Lord and Savior. For now, I try to enjoy the opportunity to daily spend time with my folks and know that this winter I will enjoy the weather here.

    So that is it from Phoenix, I know that I am no longer Colorado Juli, but I just can't bring myself to change my name as my heart is still in Colorado. The local news channel in Denver broadcasts their news over the internet and I find myself watching it as often as possible. It is one of my last ties I have to Colorado and I hold onto it.

    One day, hopefully in the near future, we will have a count down clock going and things will once again be bright.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We will keep thinking good thoughts & send positive vibes your way. The penulum can ony swing one way for so long Juli... Keep striving. Razzl

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you that things turnaround ASAP and better days are AHEAD of you!!! God Bless
    Randi & Sherri
    17x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Thou I don't know you personally, just from being on the boards. You have gone thru alot and say you are depressed but you still have a positive attitude and that is important. You are a survior! We wish you and Scott all the best and hope that you both get the jobs you are interviewing for. Couples will soon come to follow.

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    Welcome back Juli.
    First of all, I am so glad that they were able to treat that clot and in spite of a long, painful recovery, we pick up the pieces and just keep going. There aren't very many other choices.
    But the medical along with all the financial issues, is way more than to much on your plate.
    Being on this MB has been very very helpful for lots of people who have had struggles. And we have seen how each person drew much strength and wisdom from fellow posters.
    You are not alone. Ever.


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    Wow, that's such a sad story I'm a firm believer though that once you hit the bottom the only way to go is up. Hang in there.
    You'll find jobs, get your own place to live, your cats will be happy again ...being a cat person with 3, I'm touched how much you care about their well being... but take care of yours... If your depression is getting to be too much, please find someone to talk to.
    Eventually you'll get back to Colorado (so don't change your screen name here! keep it!) ...and back home to Couples. Keep that as a goal and never let go of it. It will happen. Big hugs.

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    Juli: Really sorry to hear about your troubles..My wife Maxine and I are both praying for you and your husband. You are both such good people and don't deserve anything bad to happen to you.
    So many people on this MB are in your corner. Hope you can put that countdown clock on again. We all want to see you at Couples real soon.

    It will happen. Great things happen to great deserving people like you

    All the best,

    Maxine and Rich Kitt

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    Juli, Sue and I wish you all the best. hopefully better days soon come.

    it's all about the kids

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    Welcome to Phoenix! We've been here for almost 6 years and, Yes, it's hotter than blazes in the summer. That's when we try to get out of Dodge and go to Couples. I've been reading your story for a few years now and you are so lucky to have a wonderful and loving family who really want you to be with them. I have faith that you'll find a wonderful job (both of you) in the Phoenix area. BTW, are you on the west side or east side of Phoenix? We are on the west.

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    Good luck to you & Scott on your job search. Prayers to you and your family.

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    Princess Juli...Peggy and I are so sorry to hear this news...We will continue to think of you and Scott as we drive on I-70 and pass the Evergreen exit.
    Our hearts go out to you.

    Hugs from Tommy and Peggy

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    I remember you from my first time on the message board. I am praying for you. YES a vacation & particularly to Couples is a luxury & you will go back again. But, 1st things 1st, take care of YOU & your family. You have your resort memories to tie you over. These are hard times for many & I have had some myself in past years. You will survive all of this & know you are not the only one who struggles from time to time & you are never alone.

    One Love & praying for you....


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    OMG girl, I'm sitting here reading your story and have tears in my eyes! I knew there were health problems and job problems but I'm glad that I finally know the whole story!! You and Scott are in our hearts and prayers and I'm sorry for all the pain you two have gone thru but you always hear what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and without a doubt that is what it's doing to you guys....making you stronger!! I wish you happiness and good health and pray one of these days that you get back to both of your homes!!!! Take care and ALWAYS be coloradojuli!!!!

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    You've been through so much and you'll get through this - stay strong. I hope better days will soon come for you and Scott.

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    Thank you all for your kind words. We've had a good few days. Scott has had 2 more interviews and 3 companies have requested an interview. We are waiting on the head hunters to get back with him for a date and time. I have an interview this afternoon. It is for a commission only job, but I know I can make a go of it.

    Eileen ~ We are in the East Valley near Ray & 101. We've headed over to the West Valley a couple times this past week to visit with a friend we met at Couples 3 years ago. It has been wonderful to spend time with them and speak of our beloved CN.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hi Coloradojuli,
    Karl and I wish you all the best, and know how hard it is to relocate. We moved from Oregon to Florida--quite the change for my job when Karl had to give up his position for me. I pray that all will be well for you.

    One Love,

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    Juli, thanks for the update. You are in my prayers (and my children's prayers.) We live in Colorado (Parker) and understand your love for this great state. I have two sisters in the Phoenix area and agree that it is bloody hot there!!!

    You will always be ColoradoJuli! Life takes us down some crazy and unexpected roads. God is building you during this time. Keep the faith, let all these good wishes and prayers soak in. You will be home eventually.

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    Juli, I have followed your story for several years and I know you and Scott have the courage and fortitude to get through this trying time. Cry if you need to, but always get up and after hugging those furbabies, get out and get a social fix, somehow, if only a nod to a fellow walker. Life is not static, and we are not in control. But, if we can find a way to be happy in our present circumstances, we are living the life meant for us. Good luck to you both!


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