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    Default Wedding is Booked!! help

    ok the wedding is booked stacey clarke is booked and it is all go ahead for the 18th december 2010,sunset!
    we are decorating the tables at the reception ourselves i am bringing with me tealight holders baby pink napkins(as pink is our theme)name cards, menu cards,crystals and petals for the table..
    Sand ceremony
    Ring pillow
    dried petals instead of confetti
    Help what else do i need,i know its december 2010 but im in panic mode already!!

    Help you guys....x

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    Honestly, I think you have everything covered! If you notice most by reading on here, most people don't seem to have very elaborate weddings at Couples, one of the many advantages of having a destination wedding, so as far as I'm concerned I think your wedding will be great with just the things you've already listed.

    The only other thing I can think of is if you're planning on getting wedding favors for the guests, maybe you can get something Jamaican themed so everyone will remember what a good time they had!

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    Hi thank you so much,im sure i have covered everything but i guess if it was only a few of us going or if we were going on our own it would be less to worry about,there are quite a lot of us all going so loads more for me to worry about,but a lot less than if i would be holding our wedding here in the uk..
    thanks again

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