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    Default rum chata

    Saw this at the liquor store the other day and almost bought a bottle. I was wondering if anyone has tried

    Rum Chata before? It is described as Caribbean rum and cream. Just curious how it compares to

    Sangster's Rum Cream.

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    My bride brought some home from the store a few months ago.

    My opinion... it tastes like cookie dough, and a hint of cinnamon. Waaaaaayyyyy too sweet! Neither of us like it, and we gave it away.

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    Horchata is a spanish drink that is essentially a "nut milk", like almond milk, rice milk, etc, which is just ground nuts, water and sugar. It appears that Rum Chata is a horchata with rum and some actual dairy cream added.

    Rum cream is a blend of rum, some kind of dairy (cream, milk, etc) sugar, and other flavors, most notably coffee. The Rum Chata is probably a close relative in taste and alcohol content, but without trying, who knows?!

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    I was hoping it would be like rum cream too. I was very dissapointed. It tastes just like a cinnamon roll that you would have for breakfast. Trying to use it up a little at a time, but would not buy it again.

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    We have a couple choices in our area...Cruzan Rum Cream and Rum Chata. We prefer Cruzan. Cruzan is not as smooth as Sangster's, but, as Chris pointed out, Rum Chata is a little more sweet and cinnamony. However, we didn't think Rum Chata was that bad. We would rather drink Rum Chata than have no rum cream at all! It's definitely worth a try.

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    Default Tres Leches

    By far the closest thing we have found to Sangster Rum Cream is Tres Leches. I've found it in liquor stores in both Massachusetts & New Hampshire. We like it better than the Cruzan Rum Cream. It's much smooooother...
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