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    Default What, if anything, is closed at CSA during Holy Week

    We are going to CSA 3-31 to 4-7, which is the week right before Easter. Can someone (ie Randymon) tell me if any of the bars or restaurants at CSA (or elsewhere in Negril for that matter) will be closed for Thursday and/or Friday of Holy Week?


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    We were at CSA over Easter a few years ago. Nothing at CSA was closed, and the various shops along the beach were open on the days before Easter (although I don't recall if they were open on Easter Sunday). I believe the resort also offers transportation to the various churches in Negril....I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!

    Oh yes, and when we visited over Easter we brought a bunch of small pastel colored gift bags and jelly beans and pastel colored M&Ms (afraid to bring chocolate eggs, as didn't want them to melt in our luggage). We made some gift bags for various staff (and/or their kids). These were well received, but absolutely not a "necessary."

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    Nothing, that I'm aware of, except for The Palms on Friday (that's the night of the Beach Party, which moves inside The Palms in the event of inclement weather). Negril is intensely touristy, and in Mar/April, there will be no closures in the area due to religious observations. Jamaicans can be very religious, but the tourism and hospitality businesses are necessarily secular in this regard.

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    All will be open and operating.
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