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    Default Dinner on the Beach - CN

    Is it worth it? What would be the best time and best place? Any help would be great. First time and I want to spend my 50th with a dinner on the beach.

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    IMHO, having the dinner in the treeshouse is the best! When we had this, they put votive candles on the steps leading upstairs and had torches at the entrance to the steps. The filmy curtains were drawn and there was a table set for two. It was so very romantic.

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    We did the dinner in the tree house and were disapointed in the fact we had spot lights blinding us. We hung a napkin over the rail and it helped some.
    Was it worth it I would say YES! We had a hostest meet us at our room and escourt us to the tree house. She stayed with us the whole time. You did not want for anything and the dinner was wonderful. Would we do it again, YES!
    Congradulations on your 50th!

    Phinns Up

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    We are newbies and wont be going to CN until next year but I can tell you that we will be doing a dinner for sure!! I was all about the beach but kept hearing about sand fleas and taking the chance of rain and have decided that we will do the treehouse dinner instead of the beach dinner! I know it will be worth it! Happy 50th!!!

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    We did one at CTI and my mother in law and her boyfriend did a beach dinner at CN, both we're very good and fun. Both resorts ran an extension cord to play an ipod with a selected play list my wife made for us. My wife asked the chef to make something that wasn't listed on the menu for the beach dinner, and as you can guess the answer was "no problem mon".

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    Thanks for all the help!

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    I think it is definitely worth it for a special occasion. We had a private dinner our wedding night at CN in October 2009. It was so special and made for an everlasting memory. We went back last year for our 1st anniversary and had the same private dinner on our anniversary night. It was awesome - we danced, we laughed and we cried. Two very special nights for us!
    Coonie & Happy

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    We found the sand fleas to be quite annoying on the beach in the later afternoon and evening, so the beach dinner was definitely not an option for us.

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    Husband and I were there last may on our honeymoon and did the dinner on the beach @ CN. It was fantastic!!!!!! The food was good but the romantic mood was the best part. Deff worth the money. We are headed back to CN inn 4 days!!!!!!!!! think we might do it again...

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