We are finally in the double digits but once again had a flight change that made us cancel and rebook for a third time!! First time American Airlines changed an early arrival to 6pm, second time Jet Blue moved our 4:10pm return flight to 10am which would have meant getting up around 4:30am on our last day of vacation! After all this Im gonna need a vacation!! I still havent been refunded the $974 for the first cancellation and have been told every time I call (all 6 times) it takes up to 3 billing cycles!! Now they owe me another $616 for this latest cancellation. It only took 2.5 minutes for the new charges to be put on my card but it takes 3 months to get a credit? Anyone else have this problem before?? I would really be upset if I carried a balance on my card and had to pay interest on the balance! Good thing Im a laid back kinda person or I would have blown a gasket or something by now! I know it will all be worth it on January 7th!