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    Default Sans Souci vs Negril ?

    Hi! My husband and I spent a wonderful and amazing honeymoon at Couples Sans Souci almost five years ago. We are planning on going back next year for our anniversary, but are wondering if we should try Negril instead. From what I understand Negril may have a longer beach. Is there a huge difference between the rooms, food and beach?

    Thanks for any assistance! We are really excited to go back to Jamaica and are just trying to figure out the best place to go.

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    We've been to both and you really can't compare the two. Where CSS is spread out, CN is a little more condensed. There are no hills and stairs to climb at CN. The beach at CN is much longer although it is a public beach so you'll have people from other resorts, as well as vendors, walking along it. They are made to stay below the waterline and shouldn't approach guests on the CN beach unless invited. There's not much room to roam to the left but quite a ways that you can walk to the right. The rooms at CN are as nice as the ones at CSS. The nice part is that things are a little more close together...though not too close. The one thing you'll find that will be different between CSS and CN is the amazing sunsets. The water at CN is also more clear than CSS. In our opinion both are great resorts so staying with what you know is good but trying something new can be good too.

    Good luck with your selection!

    Bart & Bug

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    We also have been to both. It really depends on what you are looking for in a resort. After visiting CSS, we decided we are definately "beach" people and because of that reason we now alternate between CN and CSA. We enjoyed our stay at CSS, our room had a terrific view and the grounds were beautiful. We discovered we love sitting on the beach and floating in the water; the beach area at CSS just doesn't compare to CN or CSA. My wife enjoyed the aspect of no vendors at CSS, however, I missed hearing and seeing them. For me, the vendors are part of the experience and I truly enjoy listening to the musicians. However, the traveling "Ciiiiiiiiigaaarreetttsss" and "It's gonna be HOT, HOT, HOT" did get a little old after a week! My advice - go with what calls you and don't be afraid to try a different resort - or all of them!

    No worries - 22 days, 20 hours till we return home to CSA!

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    We have been to CSS and CN. We love them both and enjoy switching back and forth between them. We love CSS for the grounds, food and entertainment. In our opinion the rooms at CSS are a lot nicer because they are all suites and the views are fabulous. We love CN for the beach, food and Cat Cruise. The Cat Cruise is a highlight for us. We miss it when we are at CSS. You should try CN if you love a nice beach. It's fun not going to the same place all the time and having a change of scenery. You won't be disappointed. We did CN this past July and are going to CSS next April and hoping for CN July of 2013. We just have to wait and see what kind of deals Couples comes out with the beginning of next year and what our purse strings can afford. We met some great friends at CN this year and are hoping to reconnect with them in 2013.

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