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    Default Couples Negril in October

    Looking to get away to CN this October. However, never visited Couples in October. Have heard it rains most days, all day.

    I would appreciate hearing from someone who has visisted CN more than once, in October. What can I expect, regarding the weather?

    Thanks, I know I've come to the right place to get the best information!!

    Thanks in advance, Kimmi & Tom

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    We always travel to Jamaica near the end of October. On most days it does rain; in our experience the rain lasts about 30 minutes, it comes near the late afternoon and is the perfect time for us to head back to the room for a little nap. It leaves as quickly as it comes and the sun shines till sunset. Because it is warm, some people don't even leave the water or pools. Two years ago we snorkeled through one down pour and sat in the hot tub during another. We have only been caught by the tail end of one hurricane; last year the day before we were to depart a storm moved to the north way to the east of Jamaica. The waves were huge and did a lot of destruction to the beach at CN - we enjoyed the day at the pool and it didn't bother us a bit!
    We will be retunring to CSA in 22 Days and 20 Hours - NO worries!

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    Thank you very much. Looking forward to a great time at CN!

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    We have gone to CN around last week of October for the last 4 years. I would say in 5 of the 7 days it rains for a short time in the big deal and only once did it affect us. We decided not to go on the cat cruise. Other than that, no problem Mon.
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    We have been to cn about 7 xs but never in Oct. Also wondering about the weather. We just reserved a room for next week. Very last minute.

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    We just returned from CSA last week. We were there from Oct 4-12 and it rained only 3 times (while were awake).. 2 days we woke up to rain and the other day it rained for maybe half hour then cleared up. I was very pleased since I was expecting more rain!

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