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    Default Only 1 restaurant open on Mondays?

    From a reviewer on another site they said on a Monday only the Bar Grill restaurant is open.
    And that it is open from 10pm overnight each night.

    Surely not correct?

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    Assuming you are talking about CN, the Beach Grill is the only restaurant open after 10p every night, but you have Otaheite, Cassava Terrace, and Heliconia open for dinner on Mondays. Lychee is closed for the Repeaters Dinner on Monday nights only.

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    Not correct at all.

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    Apologies, noticed after I posted I never mentioned it was CTI I was talking about.

    I find it difficult to believe its the only restaurant open on a Monday. This was from a review on a wedding/honeymoon website from someone who was there this summer.

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    Monday night at CTI is Beach BBQ night - all the catering happens on the beach, under the stars!

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    Monday is the beach party. The food is amazing and they put on a spectacular show while you eat on the beach. By far my favorite night. Monday night is also the repeaters dinner in 8 Rivers and that is only open to repeat guests. So technically, yes the pool grill is the only restaurant open on Monday night but there is a plethora of food!

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    Monday Eight River has the repeaters dinner, you have the Beach Gala..or In Room Dinning,,,

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    I think that Bayside is also open during the beach party, but can't remember. Just know that you will not go hungry at CTI.

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