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    Default honeymoon CN or CTI

    For our honeymoon we are going be CN or CTI, wondering what the difference's are between the two.
    we went to Negril last summer and really loved, and just dont want to be disappointed.
    Thanks for advice

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    We love CN and were so dissapointed with CTI that we went back to CN after only 2 days at CTI. It's basically one huge building right next to the water, leaving very little room for a beach. No vendors, bad food and bad service (compared to CN). Save yourself some grief and go back to CN...or for a change of scene, try CSS. It is a wonderful resort!

    We like the outdoorsy, nature atmosphere of CN and the beautiful long white sandy beach. We like the local musicians strolling by on the beach and serenading us. We like the calm waters of Bloody Bay and the relaxing Cat Cruise.

    We didn’t like the “hotel-like” feel of CTI, the small crowded beach, the choppy water, the lack of local musicians, the course hard sand on the beach and the exciting and scary Cat Cruise.

    As and example, let’s go from your room to dinner:

    CN: You walk out your front door and you are outside. You walk down the outdoor hallway and descend the outdoor stairs. You walk around the beautiful pool and into your restaurant, which is open to the outdoors and also has some outdoor seating.

    CTI: You walk out your front door and you are in a hotel hallway with rooms on each side. You walk down the hallway and take the elevator down to the lobby. You walk through the lobby, down another hallway and into your indoor restaurant.

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    We have not been to Negril but we stayed at CTI in April 2011.

    I was a little concerned because I spoke with a travel agent a couple of weeks before we left. She did not give a very good impression about CTI.

    There were 6 of us and we absolutely loved it. We will be going back. The staff are amazing. Our last day we were visitng with the gardner and he was telling about native plants, the watersports staff are excellent. Most staff went out of their way to ensure that we had a great vacation.

    I was worried about the beach because I love walking the beach but as I think about it, I liked that we weren't haggled by beach vendors. Our walk was just a little shorter.

    I liked that we always got our chairs under a couple of trees on the beach.

    Food is very good.

    I liked our rooms - garden view but I think next time, I would like to book beachview.

    For 2012, we are visiting CN and the main reason is we want to see that beautiful beach.

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    I agree with Wally. We had been to CN 3 times when we tried CTI and it was a let down for us. We love the calm waters of Bloody Bay and the soft sandy wide beach. We also enjoy the romantic winding pathways. We loved that when you stepped out of your room you were outside, not in a hotel hallway. We also thought the food was better at CN and the buffets had more choices. We also liked the swim-up bar at CN better than CTI's. You just can't beat CN. CSS does run a close second.

    All that being said, there are die-hard CTI fans, so your mileage my vary.
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    I really should really add here that although we like CN 100 times more than CTI, CTI is still 100 times better than anywhere else (non-Couples) we've been! It's just that CN is true paradise!
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