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    Default CN Where is Seadog

    Have heard through the grape vine that Seadog ( Craig Cambell) is no longer at CN . What is happening to the dive shop first Brian now Craig.Any one know the story on this.
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    I heard he went to Breezes to be an instructor?????
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    I read on a different site that he is at another resort now... BUMMER!!!

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    I agree, it's a bummer. We were just there at the end of May and he was such a great divemaster, especially during our night dive. We were looking forward to seeing him again in November.

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    I saw on a different website that he is at the other B resort now. I've got a message out to Richard to make sure he, Shrek, and Alain will still be there

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    When we were there the first week of Septmeber, we were told by the other dive staff members that he was on a five week vacation but would be back after that. Brian had just left and Carolyn left for CSA for a front desk position. We had a great time with Alain, Richard, Shrek, and sometimes Sugar. We did miss Craig, however, and hope he does return.

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    Its a fact Sea dog is instructing at Beaches Next door to CSA.I Called him on the phone . Sad he is, but he can utilize his instructors ticket now Good luck to Craig.

    Mabee Sugar will get Wet now LOL

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