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    Default HELP! Sunset Ceremony??

    We are planning on having our ceremony at 4:00 PM at CSA on June 22, 2012. I have read that if it is going to rain it will most likely happen in late afternoon. So i am thinking about upgrading to the sunset ceremony. Has anyone else done the sunset ceremony? Is it worth it, were pictures amazing, and was the weather cooler?

    Thanks for the help!

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    The weather will NOT be necessarily cooler during the daylight hours in June. If anything, they may be just a tad cooler than at 1:00, but there will also be a mounting sea breeze as the day gets longer, until just around sunset, when it, too will whither a bit.

    Never a good idea to hedge your bets when it comes to weather. Its far too unpredictable, but you've chosen a time of year when its generally hot and sunny. If weather is that big an issue or concern, i'd ask to have the wedding gazebo as a backup plan. Personally, I think the wedding gazebo is one of the more beautiful spots on the property. I'm surprised its not used more often.

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    I can't comment on the beach ceremony but I can offer some tidbits on another option.
    We were married at CSA in '06 and chose the earliest option in the gazebo and were glad we did. The gazebo is a wonderful setting and one that prevents someone or something from entering your wedding ceremony/photos behind you! We felt it was more secluded and intimate. It also provides shade, which was a bonus even during the earliest time as it was (and will be) HOT, or if it were to rain.
    In reality, you could probably get hitched anywhere on the property and it would be a fantastic experience. There are no bad choices! Congratulations to you both and enjoy your time at CSA!
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    We did the sunset ceremony nov 11, 2009 and it was amazing! They wait til the perfect moment for the sunset to be in the picture. weather was cooler at night but still warm.Good luck and congrats!

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    In June if it does rain in the afternoon it usually passes by fairly quick, so you may have a slight delay but I would not worry it will all work out as Chris said you can not plan this far on the weather, Couples staff is wonderful and will work with you that day so all goes well, you will have a wonderful wedding and remember it forever! all will be IRIE!!!!

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