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    Default Garden View rooms at CN

    What blocks are Garden View Rooms located in and which one would you recommend?

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    We've stayed in the GVR in building 4 and love the location. Building 3 would be about the same view too. We love this side of the resort, it seems a little more lush with vegitation than the south end buildings. It's a nice walk to the room, past the spa, pond and across a little bridge. We renewed our vows at this location back in 2004.
    Last April we splurged and had a Gardenview Suite in building 8 on the south end. As nice as the suites are, we missed being on the north end on the resort. No more suites for us, you are not in the room enough to justify the extra $$$.

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    our first trip to CN was in 2006, and have been back three times since. We always get a garden view room, and have had rooms in both blocks 4 & 3. All of our rooms had beautiful views of the lush gardens and spa pond and when in building 4 even a glimse of the beach & bay. We have never been in any of the blocks on the wedding gazebo/plunge pool side of the resort, but I would think those would be just as nice also. IMHO, if you are going with the garden view, don't worry about what building block your are in, they really are all the same. When we get there we do ask if it is possible that they put us in a third or second floor room as we really enjoy having a balcony up among the palm trees - and in true Couples fashion, they have always accomodated our request. Enjoy!!

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    Thanks, that was very helpful!

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    Everyone here said the suites are nice but save your money and just get a garden view room. They were so right!!! We stayed in Building 3 as I had requested to be close to the dive shop as we were diving twice each day. The room was perfect. I also asked for a 3rd floor room for two reasons. 1. I don't like people stomping around above me and 2. I needed to work off all that wonderful food I ate all week so I didn't gain 10 lbs.

    The north side of the building was beautiful with the palm trees, spa and pond. Very nice and close to everything.
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