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    Default CSA Advice - New Visitors???

    Any advice on 'don't miss' activities/excursions there for us (new visitors in the next few weeks)?

    We're staying in an Ocean Verandah suite and are big scuba divers...


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    Dont miss the Catamaran Cruise. You have to do it at least once.

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    The cat cruise is definitely a must. If they still have the show on Thursday's with the steel drum band, DO NOT miss this, they are fantastic.
    You must visit the Martini Bar upstairs also, awesome

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    Get down to the dive shack on the beach as soon as you arrive to sign up for your dives and don't forget your dive cards. You will not be allowed to dive on departure or arrival days for safety reasons. But you do need to sign up the day before the dive so that they can accommodate you.

    I think you can't miss a night at the piano bar with Ultimate Chocolate. Also, my favorite excursion in the Negril area is Mayfield falls. For this you need water shoes (or they will rent them to you). It is so beautiful and a fun adventure.

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    We love the sports complex across the street at CSA. There is a beautiful jogging trail that winds around the tennis courts. It is always so quiet at the Sports Complex and is a great place to grab a smoothie (or a Guiness) and relax by the huge lap pool. Book a spa treatment and use the Buddha whirlpool prior to your treatment. Even though you are a diver, try snorkeling one day. Try the fish tacos at Seagrapes and the meat patties at the Grill. Snooze away in one of the hammocks scattered along the beach. Float for an hour or two on the chair floaties. Walk the beach (and see how CSA is clearly one of the nicest properties along that stretch of 7 mile beach). Have fun, you will enjoy it!

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    When you are checking in request a third floor corner room. This should give you the best view, more light in the room, and the verandah will be open on 2 sides. Make sure to go have a drink at the Martini Bar above the Palms restaurant at night. Also, take a night time stroll across the property. The lighting they use is so romantic. You should also go snorkeling. It's so relaxing, romantic, and pretty. And since you are staying at CSA, you can go to the beach, take a left and just walk and explore 7 mile beach. Have a blast! You are going to love CSA. It ROCKS!

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    Margi is exactly right. I couldn't have said it any better myself. Don't worry at all if you aren't able to take her room advice, but everything she said is right on. One more thing.... Sunset is magical in Negril. Every night get a drink around 6 or 6:15 and find a good location for the show. Get yourselves a clear view of the horizon over the ocean. Then relax and costs nothing and will make your day!

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    Go diving, do the cat' cruise and some of the other things suggested. But one important thing to do is nothing. Don't forget to take time to just sit on the beach and soak up some sun. Some of my fondest memories of CSA are of just doing nothing but relaxing and taking in the beautiful environment of the ocean, the beach and the lush green grounds of CSA. Walk around a lot. Not just to get somewhere, but to enjoy what you see, hear, touch, and smell. It is a magical place if you take the time to notice.

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