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    Default Watersports at CN

    Anyone know what watersports are included at CN?? Our travel agent told us parasailing and jet skis were included, but I don't see where those are even mentioned anywhere on their website.

    2 1/2 weeks to go

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    No, parasailing and jet skis are not included with the package at CN. We were there in February and paid $50.00 for 30 minutes on a jet ski and my sister and her husband paid around $90.00 for the parasailing (not sure how long they were up, however).

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    Parasailing and jet skis are not included, but waterskiing, windsurfers, hobie cats, scuba diving, snorkeling, paddleboards, etc are all included. Couples doesn't operate jet skis or parasailing,but it is available from 3rd party vendors on the beach.

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    You need a better travel agent. Parasailing and Jet Skiing are NOT included with your reservation. You can do it though locals, but you pay through the nose for it. The water sports guys can set you up with one of the locals. Parasailing is very dangerous in Jamaica beacuse it's not regulated and Couples recomends NOT doing it. When we went in 2006, the harness was sturdy enough, but it was held to the boat with a skinny, frayed rope and a tiny knot on the harness. I was scared to death!

    Here is what's included:

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    They are not included!
    Don & Denise

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    ...oops hit reply before I finished. Go to

    then click on "View Activity Schedule" and scroll all the way to the bottom and it will show the water sports inclusions.
    Don & Denise

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    Your TA mis-informed you, as jet-ski and Parasailing are provided by non-Couples' vendors and are therefore not included.

    The bottom of this page lists a representative sample of what is included:

    Specifically CN has:
    • *Snorkeling Tours
    • *Glass Bottom Boat Tours
    • Hobie Cat Sailing
    • Wind-surfing
    • Sun-fish sailing
    • Peddle Boats
    • Sea Kayaks
    • Stand Up Paddle Boards
    • Water-skiing
    • *Catamaran Cruise

    * = sign up in advance
    One can also sign up for a no-charge Introductory Scuba Lesson & Dive

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    Thanks so much everyone!!! Very helpful!!

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    I am so excited to see that CN has stand up paddleboarding - I have always wanted to try it!!

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    Just noticed Paddle Boards is spelled incorrectly on the sign in the picture. I'll have to look at my pictures to see if was mispelled when I took my picture.

    Do I win a prize for seeing that?

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    me - How about the Coconat Cart? Has anyone seen that at CN?
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    Too funny - I just saw that as well. Maybe it is the Jamaican way - I will be paddle barding in 34 days!

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