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    Default PADI certifications, Cost

    We are traveling to CSA in February and will not have our PADI certification dives in before we arrive. I see we can do the dives there to complete our certification but it states additional cost. Can anyone please tell me what it will cost. Thanks

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    Does anyone have any info on the cost to do the open water dive part of your certification at CSA?

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    Contact the Watersports Secretary through the 800# or try (not sure if that is it or not, just a hunch). The advanced class is $265, but not sure about the initial open water cert.

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    I am not sure of the exact cost so I will not say. The Dive Staff at CSA is the greatest and will do a great job for you. What I will say is, why do you want to take away from the other activities that you could be doing instead of studying. My recommendation is to certify before going to CSA, then you can make your morning and afternoon dives if desired and then spend the rest of the day enjoying the beauty and the other activities at the resort. Just my 2 cents though. CSA past guest and diver - 9/2010 & 8/2011 and booked for 9 more nights in 8/2012

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    I believe when we are at CN last March, the cost was either $325 or $375 USD for the course.

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    at css the cost of the entire class was $245 maybe, don't quote me on that. email couples and see what they say.

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    You can send an email to Couples Swept Away or go to facebook (COUPLES DIVE CLUB) and inquire to get the exact amount, but I think that it is about $150.00. That is what I was quoted 2 years ago. The advanced courses that they offered to me in August of this year were the same price as they were quoted to me 2 years ago also. If you do the dive there, you will be getting a great set of dive masters and instructors and they will be worth the money. The open water dive was included when I took my course and I would encourage you to do it at home with your instructor. FYI when you get there look into taking a night dive. The cost is $50.00 and well worth it. I could not do one this year because they have to have a minimum of 4 people and no one signed up until the day before I was to fly out to come home. I have been to CSA 2 times, 9/2010 & 8/2011 and have already booked for another 10 days in 8/2012.

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    thanks this will help us to decide who is in and who wants to stick to the snorkeling. I never thought I would want to do the dive thing, but have a friend who is traveling with us that really wants to do this and I guess if I was going to try it now would be the time. Thanks again for all your help.

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    As a PADI Instructor can I suggest that you sign up to PADI e-learning and get your studying done before you go and also your confined water sessions, which will mean that you will only need to complete your four Open Water sessions once there then enjoy some leisure diving. Check it out on the PADI website. Still got a whole fourteen months to go till our Couples Vow Renewal and can't wait. Enjoy.

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    i just asked this question of CSA. i was told if you come with your recommendations from a PADI dive training facility in the states, the cost is $250.00. They recommended that upon arrival, settling in to your room and the first cocktail to head down to the watersports and set up with the Dive Master for your certification dive. My wife and I will be there Dec 30th and I hope it goes just the way I was told.
    Good Luck

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