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    Default Kingston Norman Manley Airport

    Can anyone tell me how long will it take from the airport to CTI.

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    I don't know how long it will take. It is a long way away. I'd guess 3-4 hours. Are you aware that Couples does not provide transportati0n from Kingston to any of their resorts? It may cost you $150-$200 for a cab from there to CTI. Most people fly into Montego Bay just for that reason.
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    if you don't hit traffic and fern gully is still closed, probably about 2.5ish hours. if fern gully is reopened, it'll be more around 2 hours.

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    It took us approx. 1 1/2 hours including a bathroom beer stop along the way. Sounds long but the driver kept it entertaining...The depressing drive back seems long though

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    Yeah, Dont fly into Kingston....go to Montego Bay

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    Need to remember too that Couples doesn't provide the transportation from Kingston, only from Montego Bay. Make sure you are going to Montego Bay, I think it would be a long drive from Kingston and at your expense.

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    Thanks For all your responses. I have no choice of airports I am flying with Virgin Airlines from London Gatwick

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    Me thinks someone going to wrong airport, or be renting a car.

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    smroot............unfortunately it's now an option some of us Brits may have to consider for next year. British Airways no longer go direct to Montego Bay, Thomas Cook don't seem to have decided what their long haul destinations will be for next year. We have a choice of two airlines at the moment, Thomson and Virgin.

    Don't know how other Brits feel, but it's like I'm swimming frantically towards Jamaica, and someone is on the other side dragging it out of reach With prices going up, and finding flights to fit in with our it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi irishman69 - Virgin Airlines do also fly into Montego Bay from Gatwick. Did you book a package holiday with them? If so they provide transfer to Couples, otherwise perhaps you could ask to tranfer to a Mo'bay flight.

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    I would check your details, we are flying virgin and will arrive at mo bay. This is not our first trip so i am clear that virgin definitely do fly in to mo bay. Hope this sorts out for you and enjoy yourselves!
    If not - go back to virgin and see I you can switch to a moray flight.


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    Quite right faraway - is it a conspiracy to stop us flying to paradise?

    This Christmas we are flying with BA to fit in with our work schedules but, as you say, they are only flying into Kingston next year so it looks like we'll have to hope Virgin and Thomson flights are on days which fit into our schedule. The good thing about the BA flights was that they flew to Mo'bay twice a week which gave more flexibility.

    Gone are they days when we used to fly Air Jamaica (two flights a week from Manchester, Heathrow and Gatwick) plus Thomson and Thos Cook from Manchester and Gatwick with Virgin flights from Gatwick and Heathrow. Let's just hope Virgin continue to fly into Mo'bay so we at least have some choice!

    We still think our holidays in paradise (CTI) are worth it and will continue to make every effort to make it home for Christmas - even if we have to swim or paddle our own canoe to get there!!

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