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    Default Margaritaville Caribbean - Negril

    So has anyone that has every stayed at CSA gone to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in Negril? If so how far away is it? How do you get there? and Is it worth going to one evening?

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    5 to 10 min walk down the beach...worth going at least once if youve never been. they have a resort nite where everyone goes. Good to get some tshirts is touristy so drinks are pricey
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    If you go to the beach and take a left you can walk 5 minutes and then you will be at Margaritaville. The restaurant is very expensive and touristy, but if you've been to the other ones, you'll know what to expect. If I were you, I would go during the day to check it out. Maybe see if there is another local bar/nightclub to go to at night. Or, for a nice sunset in the evening, someone on this MB may have some options for you. You are going to have a blast. CSA is awesome!

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    10 min walk south on the beach

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    From SweptAway, its a 5-10 minute walk along the beach (face the bright blue Caribbean, turn left and walk). The also offer an early evening bus ride for Margueritaville's "Resort Night" promo. Can be a lot of fun, especially for newlyweds and honeymooners. Otherwise, for us, its too touristy.

    I'd recommend the walk... stay or leave at your leisure. I wouldn't do the walk after dark unless you're in a group.


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    You can actually walk there from CSA, but why would you. Over-priced watered down drinks, expensive and inferior food, when we go I only leave the resort for golfing and the Cat cruise

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    Margaritaville in Negril is less than a 10 minute walk to the south of the resort (to the left if you are facing the ocean). The resort also provides a shuttle to Margaritaville. We've walked past it, but never felt the urge to go in. It always seemed silly to pay for drinks when we were staying at an all-inclusive. The bar reminded me of every other Margaritaville I've ever seen.

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    It's about a 5-10 minute walk down the beach. It's overpriced and it wasn't our kind of place as I don't care for hip-hop and rap but to each his own.

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    As you face the ocean turn left and walk for about 5 minutes. Is it worth going to.......nice to say you've been but spendy

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    We caved in and went on our first trip but wouldn't do it again. Extremely overpriced. I believe the resort has a weekly trip there where you ride the party bus over with other resort guests and they bring you
    back. If you walk to the beach and take a left, most folks can walk down easily enough but you probably
    wouldn't want to walk back after dark.
    If you really feel the need to check one out, I recommend that you wait until your departure and kill some time in the one in the airport before your flight.

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    Yes, most of us that have been to CSA have made the short walk to Jimmy's joint down the beach. Walk out to the beach from your room, turn left and walk about a half mile, maybe less, and your there. Mixed opinions around here on whether it is worth it. Very touristy and a bit on the pricey side if you decide to eat or drink (take a fist full of money or a credit card). We have only visited during the day for some photos and to look around a bit. They seem to have a good time. Beach games, dj type entertainment and a friendly-fun atmosphere. Have not been there after dark, but others will have more information to post up for you. From my perspective it sounds cooler than it actually is, and I am a Jimmy B. fan all the way back to the seventies.

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    So you'll probably get a lot of comments from Parrot Heads and non-Parrot Heads alike....M'ville Negril is only about a 5-7 minute walk from CSA....They generally have a big trampoline out in the water that patrons are able to use. There's definitely a party vibe there, and it's a nice looking property....That being said, we have never stopped there to partake, as for us the music is a little to "club," and a little less Buffet (having visited the M'ville location in Key West with more of a Buffet vibe, I was a little disappointed in the music here)....In addition, the drinks are pretty pricey, considering we can get them for "free" at CSA or at a lot less at the other bars along the way. We generally have lunch at the M'ville or Jamaican Bobsled restaurants at the airport when we leave, and that involvement with M'ville is enough for us...we get the t-shirts and are all set.

    The other thing I'd comment on is that I wouldn't be comfortable walking the beach at night....during the day it's "all good," but at night I think not so much....If you want to visit M'ville Negril after the sun sets, I'd recommend taking a cab from CSA at least coming back.. It's short money, and probably a good idea.

    OK - enough of the pontificating....the location is great, and the music is fun if you're not expecting a lot of Buffet stuff....and if you love M'ville, then this is a definite "must do," and the really great thing is that you're not more than a stumble from CSA....


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    It is so close. You can walk there every day if you want! It is fun!

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