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    Default Are we making the right decision?

    This will be my husband and my first trip to Jamaica as well as our first trip to a Couples Resort. After talking to our TA we decided on CTI in a Premiere Ocean room verses CSA and getting a garden view room. We booked in August for our June trip However, I'm not sure we made the right decision. My husband thought CTI was more romantic looking yet I think CSA was/is. I love that CTI is a private beach yet I'm apprehensive about the "hotel-like" atmosphere that everyone talks about. I get the impression that its the least romantic of the four and not very tropical . . . Just a beach & hotel in Jamaica

    It's for our 10 year anniversary so we are estatic to be going anywhere with just us for 7 nights. Help!

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    I haven't stayed at CTI but I think that if romance is what you're after then CSS is probably the one for you. Has the private beach too (in fact if you are happy to go au naturelle then it has two 'private' beaches!)!

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    No, you are not making the right decision. Your understanding of CTI is spot on. It s the least romantic of the 4 Couples resorts and basically just hotel and a small beach. The other 3 Couples resorts are beautiful tropical resorts, not hotels. Everything is in seperate buildings, not one big building like CTI. Pretty much everyone agrees that the most romantic Couples resort is CSS, although we like CN the best and CSA is a very good choice too. If you have reserched all four and think CSA is the one for you, it probably is. Your travel agent should be able to switch your reservations without and extra charge (just pay the difference in room price). If not, call Couples yourself at 1-800-couples.
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    My wife and I spent our honeymoon at CSA. We stayed in an Atrium suite which was tucked into the middle of the resort foliage and very romantic. I've always liked the vibe of Negril more than that of Ocho Rios, but I've not been to CTI so I can't compare, but can say we loved CSA.

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    We have been to CTI twice, CSS twice and CN 3 times. We have found we prefer CSS and CN. We had a good time at CTI but for us it does seem hotel-like and is not very tropical. You will see that others love CTI above any of the other resorts. It all depends on what you enjoy. CSS has a private beach and is very tropical. The rooms all have fabulous views. CN is very tropical and has a fantastic beach. The food is excellent at all of them. We went to CTI when it was the only Couples resort and then went back to see the renovations. But now we switch between CSS and CN. It is a tough decision for a first time trip. You will have a wonderful vacation no matter which Couples you choose.

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    It is tropical, think South Beach and romance is based on your and your hubby, not what others think. We have trip #6 booked. The private beach is what drew us to CTI. It is so peaceful without the drone of boats and jet skis. The only boats are those that belong to CTI. The rooms are right at the ocean's edge. If you are in the new building, you will have a view of the main pool (quiet pool) then beach and ocean. You can still hear the waves. If you are in the main building, you are right over the beach or the swim up bar then ocean. Th reason others refer to it as "hotel-like" is because the rooms are accessible through halls and the buildings are clustered together, which makes you close to everything. As of August, all rooms have room service throughout the day and all rooms have mini bars. If you walk through the gardens you will get the jungle feel. The spa is amazing and the staff incredible. Go and enjoy and don't second guess yourself or you will set yourself up for disappointment. Look to the positive. Happy Anniversary!

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    Hi STB and welcome to the Couples family. I'm sorry to say that you're stuck in the usual Couples dilema, "which resort is best for us?" All I can do is tell you what our experience was with staying at both CTI and CSA. Our first trip was to CTI six years ago before the upgrage and our last trip was to CSA three years ago. FYI, we're headed back to CSA in 47 days. CTI is very nice but it does have a hotel feel to it and if you don't mind that it's great. Our daughter and son in law spent their honeymoon there two years ago and loved it. The beach is small and no you will not be bothered by beach roaming vendors but you can't take long walks along the water either. CSA is just in a word, beautiful. We stayed in an Ocean Verandah Suite with no view of the ocean. We didn't spend any time on our verandah and only used the room to shower, change clothes and sleep. The grounds are beautiful and we loved our long walks on the beach before breakfast. The beach vendors were never a bother to us when a simple "no thank you mon!" sent them on their way. Both resorts have wonderful staffs and great food but CSA has the best sports complex I'd ever seen at a resort. I usually take a few workout classes during the week to soothe my guilty conscience about drinking too many hummingbirds during the week. The bottom line for you is this, if you feel that a hotel on the beach will not be romantic enough for you then odds are it won't. And no matter how much you try to convince yourself it is romantic you'll have that feeling that you chose the wrong resort for you vacation. You will have a good time no matter which one you choose but don't ruin it by thinking afterwards that you made a mistake. I know that you'll enjoy your time in Paradise and please keep us informed about your decision.

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    CTI is anything BUT "just a beach & hotel in Jamaica".
    The ochi side of the island is where it IS tropical, its in a rain forest environment, Negril's climate is not the same. If you want a hut in the middle of a resort of 300 plus rooms, then hey go for CSA, they also have a lovely beach, no doubt. However, if you are like us, when we go to the ocean we like to SEE the ocean. and HEAR the ocean. then CTI will definitely give you a better experience. We also prefer a private beach without having locals coming up trying to get us to buy things while we are trying to get our sun and fun on. Also there will be women topless on the beach at CSA, never at CTI. I also like that there isnt a pressing need for multiple security guards at CTI, in fact, I think I have only seen one in the trips we've taken.

    When we go, it is all about the romance for us and CTI fills the bill above and beyond. It isn't surprising to see a couple hear some music that melts their hearts and they stop and embrace and start dancing to the music, right there, right wherever because the spirit moves them. we've done it many times ourselves.

    All four Couples are wonderful and I do hope you find the right one to suit you both. It might seem odd but have you checked out CN? If I were to ever leave CTI I think that would be the one other Couples I would check out, I'm sure I would be dissappointed with the view but I've heard the beach makes up for it. Good Luck and well wishes!

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    Default if romantic is what u want....

    If you've already booked isn't it too late to ask for input?
    We havent been to other couples resorts but have been spoiled by Sans souci, it's big in area but not guests 120 some odd rooms, resort is older but not tired old, character old, staff is second to none. The gala dinners are out of this world. Sunset beach is a must if you do A/N. Unlike CTI's island that is weather restricted and you have to be shuttled over to . You can go to SSB whenever you wish, It's big and secluded. People complain about the stairs and walking distance to get around at sans souci. But honestly it adds to the charm, we were 10 days and were still finding new places and grotto to explore at the resort near the end of our stay. Also you can do the trading places thing and check out CTI while at san souci, we did couldnt get to the island because of rough water. decided to walk back to sans souci (there's no place like home).

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    I can't tell you about CTI since it is the only Couples resorts we haven't been to...yet.
    Out of the other 3, I think CSS tops the list for most romantic. It is the largest but has the least amount of rooms and the grounds are spectacular. There are times when you feel that you are the only 2 people at the resort.

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    I thought CSS was more romantic than CSA as it is so much smaller and has 2 private beaches. Unlike CTI it is in need of some refurbishing. I stayed at CTA fka as COR many years ago. I like CSS better even though it is older.

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    You cannot go wrong with any of the Couples resorts! Stop worrying and be excited, be VERY excited!

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    We stayed at CSA in February 2010 and CTI in February 2011. You are both correct in your idea that CSA has a more romatic feel due to the expansive paths and lush greenery and CTI is a bit more hotel feeling. We stayed in an atrium suite at CSA and did not miss the beach front at all. We loved the atrium and would definitely stay there again. The beach in Negril is unbeatable. The staff was top notch. The food excellent. It was a very romantic resort and we would stay there again in a second. We stayed at CTI last February and fell in love with that resort as well. We did find the food and staff a bit superior, but not by much. It is a smaller location with fewer walking paths and a very small beach compared to Seven Mile Beach. We had an ocean front room and would not stay in any other at CTI. The garden suites are not all created equal among the resorts. CSA is the only resort that does not offer an AN area, so if that is something you are interested CTI would be a better choice. The island is great fun. For a 10 year anniversary (if AN is not your thing) CSA would be a better choice in my opinion. That said, you will be happy in either resort....It's Couples.... Enjoy and congratulations on 10 years!

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    I can only speak about CSA and CSS. I think romance can be found anywhere and a vacation or honeymoon is what you make of it. We were married at CSA and have returned 3 more times. We have tried CSS and thought it was a gorgeous resort. We love Swept Away for it's stunning sunsets plus many other reasons. It will always be our favorite as it was the first and we love the beach.
    My point is whichever you choose, if you can't find romance at any Couples resort, there is something wrong with you! I'm sure there are people that love CTI that will tell you it is very romantic. Only you can decide what kind of resort appeals to you . Whichever you choose, I'm sure you will have an awesome time and try the other resort next time.

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    Sorry we can't speak to either one being better than the other. We went to CSS last Feb-March and it was awesome. We were doing this for our upcoming 25th and I think either one will be terrific if you are with the one you love. I really had a hard time with this expense and when we first got to CSS my wie assured me it was well worth it within an hour. We were both thrilled and after returning home I booked a return trip for the same time frame in 2012. Waited 5 months to surprise her on our real anniversary. Now we are both counting the days until we return. Bottom line is you will have a great time no matter which Couples Resort you choose.

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    Please do not put yourself through this. You picked Couples....everything will be all right. CTI is a nice resort. Some people will not go anywhere else. We have been to all 4 and while I like the Negril side of the Island best, we have had a great time at all 4 resorts. What you need to do is find a way to come back and try them all then and only then will you be able to pick your favorite. Now Go and have one hell of a time!!!

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    I have not been to CTI { although will some day} but having been to CSA and CSS and I feel that CSA rooms are just a bit more romantic. That being said I think whichever Couples resort you choose to visit you will fall in love with the resort as each is a little different but they are all awesome. Have travelled to many places but Couples keep drawing me back.

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    I've been to both of those resorts and CSA is my preference when romance is the plan. It's on the most gorgeous beach and is like a little village. The rooms are classic caribbean with lots of wood and white linens and it has the most bar and food options. It is truly something special. I'm sure CSA would cost more than CTI, but for your ten year anniversary I would go for it. We spent our 10 year anniversary at CSA and we can't wait to get back. Good luck and congrats!

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    Our first trip to a Couples resort was to CTI (it was before the renovations and it was Couples Ocho Rios at the time) for our honeymoon on the recommendation of our travel agent, and it was the best trip ever and there began our love for Couples resorts and Jamaica. After that trip we talked about trying something different besides Jamaica but we just felt it would really be hard to beat and why fix something that isnt broken. So even though we go to CSA now, CTI is very romantic. To be honest, that trip was probably the most romantic trip we have had to date. Yes, it is more of a hotel style building, but its beautiful and the resort, room, building, atmosphere are all unique in itself. It is not like any average hotel on the beach that you go to, its special. You really cant go wrong with any of the Couples Resorts. Have an open mind, your in Jamaica with the man you love, how bad can it really be? lol If you still want to try CSA then go to CSA plan it for your next trip!

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    Every person is going to have a different opinion.
    What I can tell you is we were married at CTI in 04 when it was COR. We have been back once before the renovations.
    We have been to CSA about 6 or 7 times and have also been to CSS twice.
    Can you tell which one we prefer??? Lol

    We prefer CSA because we enjoy long walks on the beach. We also enjoy talking to the various vendors and local citizens as we walk. We like being able to visit various establishments on our walk and we just like seeing the "action"on the beach. We also love seeing Ultimate at the piano bar in the evening and we very much love the Martini Bar and restaurants that CSA has to offer.

    We have not been back to CTI since the renovations and I know the resutants have changed, so it would be hard to comment. We enjoyed our trips there very much but missed the action of Negrils beach.

    For my money, though,CSS is the most romantic. I love the open air massage huts where you can get a couples massage with the waves crashing below you, the winding trails. Lots of places to explore. It is IMO the most breath taking resort. We also love to go to Sunset Beach for the au natural sunbathing. And while the rooms here are probably the best rooms Couples has to offer, we really enjoy the simplicity of the rooms at CSA with the big verandahs. But I like the beach at CSA much better. Warmer water and gentle waves.

    So really what we consider romantic and what we enjoy might be very different from you would like. Hope this helps and you really can't go wrong with any of the resorts.

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    We honeymooned at CTI (before the renovation) and found it to be very romantic. We've visited on day passes since the renovation and the vibe is different since the renovation (modern and lots of white), but it's very nice and quite tropical, in my opinion. We just visited CSS three times in a row, and CSS is probably considered the most romantic because of the gorgeous, lush grounds, private beach (which CTI also has) and the traditional architecture and decor. I can't speak for CSA, but I've generally not felt pulled toward CSA because of the notorious large wedding groups I've heard so much about, and the fact that it's the largest. After visiting CN, I found I'm not a huge fan of the public beach, which tends to be loud and busy and not very romantic at all. Just go for the one that's "calling" to you, as people on this MB say. Any resort will be conducive to romance.

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    We spent 7 wonderful nights at CTI last year and will be spending 10 wonderful nights there in April! We also had Premier Oceanview (and booked the same for this time). CTI is fantastic. It is the smallest resort of the 4 but that means you don't have to hike to get where you are going. We found CTI to be very romantic. The staff will make you feel like it's all about you. The resort is still tropical with gorgeous flowers everywhere. Relax, you are going to have a wonderful trip. When are you going?
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Hi there...I haven't been to CTI but we have gone to CSA 2 years in a row and just love it! It is very romantic, lush, beautiful grounds and really the Jamaica feel you want in a place but again like everyone says it really depends on what you are looking for, all Couples resorts are great in their own way. We are going to CSS in 2012 to try another Couples and decided on that one because we heard what everyone else had to say and also did some research. CTI is more like a hotel on the beach, where CSS is more like CSA...very romantic with lush, tropical, gorgeous grounds.

    This is just my opinion of course...CSA is absolutely out of this word and so is the Negril beach...looking forward to visiting CSS and who knows maybe one day we will want to try CTI. Enjoy no matter what you end up deciding.

    Good luck

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    We have been to CSA, CN, CSS! We to have hessitated on trying CTI. Due to the same worry about the hotel feel! We are now booked for CN for the second time this NOV. I personally love CSA we made friends there and have kept intouch with them ever since. But due to the very amazing beach and the fact that CN was a bit cheaper we are staying there instead! Did I mention the dive team was also amazing at CN! We were able to find romance the minute we step off the plane at MOBAY! As far as romantic I truely feel that all there of the resorts that we visited are all in first palce with me! If you decided to go to CSA please give a big hug to Makisha, Ruyle and Ricardo for us!!! We will be taking a day trip over to visit them!!!! That being said CTI just might be romantic to!

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    We stayed at CTI in 2005 for our 25th anniversary. It was very romantic. I have never been any where are romantic as Bayside Resturant. Sitting there by the water with a full moon in the sky and the love of my life next to me was a moment I will remember for ever. The view from the balcony at night was fantastic. We stayed at CSS last year for our 30th anniversary. We loved it but in all honesty I don't know that it was as romantic. But it was more lush and we liked the lay out of CSS. If/when we go back we will probably go to CSS but not for the romance as much as for the total package.

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