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    We're returning to CN and its' wonderful AN beach in late June, 2012. During our first trip there last Fall we had a great experience. Combining the sun, warm Caribbean water, hot tub, occasional drink (while not encumbered by anything other than our birthday suits), and then 'rinse and repeat', was an experience like no other. We did not meet anyone, though there were a few people there the same days we were. We would like to enhance our AN experience next June, as many posts speak to the benefit of meeting others, and are wondering if there's anyone reading the MB, who will be there around the same time. We're not antisocial at all, but like to be careful, so reaching out like this is a bit uncharacteristic (at least of me).
    So, who's there?

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    tonys, best to check out the 'meet up' section and see who's going in June 2012. You may well find more info there. If there isnt a June 2012 thread there then start one. It really works! Johnniem.

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    Thanks, Johnniem. I was aware of that section, but am specifically inquiring of those of the same ilk, who engage in AN activities. Thought it'd make as much sense to ask on the AN section, so I don't have to 'dance' with others on the MB, who aren't AN types. But, we did check out the section you suggested and so far three or four couples have responded. Haven't asked yet if any are AN utilizers, though.

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    We will be there June 19-23 - celebrating our one-year anniversary. We were married at CSS last June and as soon as the pictures were finished, we were back on SSB!
    T.O. & Mia
    CSS - June 17-23, 2011 Weddingmoon!
    CSS - June 19-23, 2012

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    We will be there June 9-16....On the "other side"

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    Tonys, I understand why it is that you had posted on the AN section. Some thread starters in the meet up section put a list (name? ages? where are you from? children? how many times to Couples etc) down which people can cut and paste their replies in a new post. Many of them have the question 'will you go AN?' This enhances the information greatly, shows who is tentative or a definite 'no' and it will show exactly who you might meet on the beach. You can even get to know them a little before you arrive, thus breaking the ice early, as it were.

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    Michelle and I will be there June 19 - June 27. We also spend most our of time at SSB. Will proably see you there. Marc

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    Hi Dwayne & Karen
    It seems you guys really enjoyed your first trip to CN that you are heading back for seconds, we will be there in July. Enjoy your vacation.

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    Thanks Chris&Denny,

    We're looking forward to it. We were definitely spoiled. Never plan to return to the "S" place again.
    We are getting married on June 12. We are hoping to avoid all the rain we had last July. Hope to see you guys there again one day.

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    We will be there June 29th - July 6th.
    Dave & Ginger

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    106 and a wake up!!! Jamaica, Come Soon!

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    We will be there June 29 -July 6th also.
    James & Dana

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    What time do you arrive in Montego Bay?

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    We arrive in Montego Bay at 1030.

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    James&Dana, We land at 11:54 AM on the 29th, so you will you will most likely be at CN before us. So much for sharing a ride. Have you been to CN before?

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    This will be our 4th trip to CN

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    james& dana,
    This will be our 2nd trip to CN. We have been to CSS and CTI as well. Have you ever been to CSA? We thought we would get a day pass to visit one day?

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    james&dana,dophinswimdad save us a spot as we should be on our favorite area of the beach by 3:30 on July 5th.

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    Hiii Lu & LaShae will be there June 28-July 2nd. Cant wait!

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    We have never been anywhere except CN. We always get there and never want to leave! 96 more days!!

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    We will be there june 18-25th.


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